So what does everyone think about Wide Range Bar analysis?

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  1. I think it is a crock of nothing. No edge at all. And yet you can find trading courses for up to $500 telling you that there is an edge. Be warned, there is no edge at all with this.

    Wide range bars. Hidden wide range bars. It's all fake nonsense. Don't waste your money on it.
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    I’d like to hit you over the head with a wide range crowbar and knock you silly.
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  3. So you trade with WRB's? Tell me more...
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    Bot much?
  5. Don't tell me you paid for that course I am talking about. Don't waste your time with it.

    There is no edge at all with it. None. The market doesn't give a damn about a wrb from 18 minutes ago or whatever. It doesn't care if there is a WRB hidden gap or not. IF you think it does, then you have a lot to learn.
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    What it be?
  7. Rephrase the question? Are you asking what a wide range bar is?
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    everyone think about Wide Range Bar analysis

    What is it?
  9. Here is an example of a wrb and a wrb hidden gap:

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    Simply change your candlestick time frame to a smaller time frame.
    Then the wide range bar will become a narrow range bar.

    But if the candlestick is far too long, it is unwise to trade such a market.
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