So what do you say about this market?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by qdz2, Jan 14, 2003.

  1. qdz2


    IMO, this market is 100% manipulated in short term. There is no so-called economic reason what-so-ever. Companies like Intel, Dell, TI, HP, consistently give shitty and conflicting outlooks/comments/reports. Company executives, financial analysts etc. etc. are cheaters while they pretend to be honest loving fathers and mothers to their kids in their families.

    Let me say this again. The only hope for you and me is to put our faith into manipulators and earn these f*cking shitty dirty little hard pathetic money for living.

  2. I vote no.
  3. Minime


    Are you QDZ's twin brother? Prozac man--it's a derivative of cocaine and will make your attitude much better. Or a cheaper route is to just say and think nice things, and that will change your outlook. You bring out the worst in all of us. I voted no just to disagree with you.
  4. its going higher short term imho. they liked intc news and we have option ex coming up.
  5. qdz2


    Yes, QDZ junior. :p. Thanks for your suggestion, drug dealer! LOL...
    I like being disagreed. You look at my poll. It is goona show extreme results again!


  6. qdz2


    You and I get along. I agree with you. Always think about what manipulators like to see.


  7. ZBEAR


    LOL Minime - LOL - I think you may have something there !

    I think it's going up - but we still have to clear that August high on the broader market (S&P) to confirm a classical definition of a "Double Bottom" ! ( and it's sure takin' its sweet time doing it ).

    Be Careful out there Musketeers !

    DO ONE ?
  8. H & S pattern being formed on indexes?

    Hmmm..... going higher after INTC guides lower! Are U guys joking or just contrarians ST?
  9. Magna

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    The question isn't whether the market is manipulated. At times components of it certainly are, maybe most times, this could degenerate into another useless discussion. The only question that matters is can you make money at it, manipulation or no manipulation? All other conversations are just noise. :p
  10. well the market is the final judge and intc and msft traded up on the news.
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