So what do the Liberals do now that Saddam is captured?

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    He made that up. It's his way of attacking a man who beliefs are different from his own. He is not as open minded as he would have you believe.
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  3. ART, sometimes you gotta fight fire with fire. The left has been getting away with their crap for far too long. It's about time the tables were turned.
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  4. False. It has nothing to do with disagreeing with position, it has to do with methodology of presenting ideas. A liberal can be guilty of Hannityism.

    It is a term I coined, similar to the term McCarthyism.

    I would like to see it added to our lexicon, as Hannity is a classic example, nearly a living breathing caricature of one who attempts to persuade with logical fallacy, emotionalism, and self righteousness as his tools of his trade.

    It defines someone who uses the techniques Sean Hannity uses in his demagoguery and deceptive political spinning.

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  5. Oh, so two wrongs make it right? The end justifies the means? All that good rationalization stuff, eh?

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    Tax cuts for the rich.

    Show me poor people who are going to get a direct tax benefit of dividend tax cuts.

    Wait a minute, aren't poor people getting a child tax credit?

    Extremists' denying a woman's right to choose.

    Killing the doctor who was going to perform an abortion does deny a woman's right to choose for a while.

    Wait a minute, are you saying republicans are killing doctors? No crazy psychos are.

    Allowing guns to kill our children.

    If a child dies of an accidental death due to guns in the house, who is responsible? The child?

    How about the person who left a gun out in the open for a child to use, loaded on top of that.
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  7. My comments in italics.

    Lol. You couldn't have given better evidence that you've swallowed the left's carp, hook, line and sinker.

    They've been trotting out this nonsense for years. You've obviously been completely taken by it.
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  9. Oh, I see. We should all just shut up and be the 'good guys'. That'd work great.

    Why don't I hear you whinging about the carp that whining bitch Michael Moore keeps spouting? Would be because you tend to agree with him? What makes that any different to me agreeing with Hannity?
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