So what do the Liberals do now that Saddam is captured?

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    Don't talk about "soulness" and the clinton years. That may be your opinion, but definitely not a fact. For me personally, those years I was more happier than I am now.

    Wow, that statement speaks volumes about you. Not that I respected you much anyway.
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  2. They don't. All liberals should move to Canada now.
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  3. Nice job. Call someone un-American and stifle debate. Stalin would be proud.
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  4. Car Bomb Kills At Least 17 Iraqi Police

    The Associated Press

    December 14, 2003, 6:29 PM EST

    KHALDIYAH, Iraq -- A suspected suicide attacker detonated a car bomb outside an Iraqi police station Sunday near Baghdad, killing at least 17 people and wounding 33 others, hours before the announcement of Saddam Hussein's capture, the U.S. military said. No Americans were involved.

    Also Sunday, an American soldier was killed trying to defuse a roadside bomb. In the evening, after celebrations in the capital over the news of Hussein's arrest, three barrels of gasoline mounted on a pickup truck exploded in central Baghdad. No one was hurt, and it was not clear whether the explosion was an accident or an attack.

    The device that killed the U.S. soldier was placed on a telephone pole next to the road near al-Haswah, 25 miles south of Baghdad. The soldier, an explosives disposal specialist, approached the bomb to disarm it when it exploded.

    He was the 452nd soldier to die in Iraq, according to Defense Department statistics; 313 service members have been killed by hostile action since the start of the war on March 20.

    The car bombing in Khaldiyah, 50 miles west of Baghdad, killed police officers, city workers and civilian bystanders, U.S. Army Lt. Col. Jeff Swisher said. No American soldiers were in the area when the bomb exploded, the military said.

    An emergency room administrator at a hospital in the nearby city of Ramadi put the death toll even higher -- 21 killed and more than 20 wounded. Many victims were Iraqi police officers and workers sweeping the street outside the district police office, said hospital administrator Haitham Bahar Taha.

    The attack took place after Hussein was arrested near the city of Tikrit to the north Saturday evening, but before Iraqi and U.S. officials announced the capture.

    A Khaldiyah policeman, Mohammed Abed, said an "unfamiliar" car was parked outside the station moments before the blast.

    U.S. troops arriving on the scene blocked off the area, and two helicopters hovered overhead. U.S. soldiers and Iraqi police later surveyed the site of the blast, which left a huge crater in the road and collapsed a large section of the building's front wall. Several destroyed cars were scattered nearby.

    Muthana Hameed, a resident, said he saw many bodies of police and municipal workers. It was the latest of several police station blasts that have killed dozens of police officers in the past few months. Anti-U.S. assailants appear to target the police and other municipal officials because they are viewed as collaborators with the U.S.-led occupation.

    U.S. troops also were targeted by suicide bombers three times last week in attacks that left dozens of soldiers wounded and one killed.

    Khaldiyah is in the so-called Sunni Triangle, where attacks against occupation troops and their Iraqi allies have been fiercest. The area is west and north of the capital.
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  5. What do liberals do now?

    What they have always done.

    Fight for freedom, justice, and the American way....

    Maybe not the right wing vision of the American way, but who is to say that their vision of America is the "right" vision?
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    Yes!! We had special ops collecting intelligence in Iraq since the beginning of the war. We captured 5500 of Saddam's guys and Saddam himself finally. Hundreds of guys took part in the capture with no problems. The guys were trained and ready to go, and they did, on a few minutes notice. They captured a couple of Iraqis that were at the same location as well. The reward worked, it was a friend of Saddam's that turned him in.

    Saddam looks a little worse for wear. I got such a laugh looking at his picture, he looks a little confused. Iraqis celebrating all over the place and thanking Americans who are trying to bring democracy to the heart of the Middle East, look at them on TV all you nut-case agitators, that's what it is about.
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  7. Iraq, and most of the Arabs are not a culture of leaders, but rather followers.

    With Saddam gone, why do people think democracy will necessarily fill the void?

    It is a nice idea, and I would like to see it happen, but it will still take a generation or more for democracy to take hold.

    If we are going to ensure it, military forces will need to remain there for a long time to enforce it.

    Now that Saddam, his sons, and thousands of Saddams followers are out of the way, the real war, the harder war begins.

    Democracy is was much easier to establish in America, as apart from the American Indians, the group founding our Democracy were well educated and motivated.

    Is Iraq really capable of democratic self governing?

    Will terrorist attacks end now?

    Did today's action gain support of other terrorist states for America's efforts?
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  9. because I live in the San Francisco Bay Area . . . even though I am a registered REPUBLICAN and voted for Tom McClintock during the recent recall election. So I guess I must be part of the 5-10 people that Maverick has called liberals on ET. More black and white logic from Maverick:

    Quote from Maverick:

    California is a socialist state and the bay area has a unusually high number of ignorant liberals who I take aim at.

    Calling California a socialist state is not an attack on California. I have no problem with that at all. The only people in California I tend to have a problem with are the Bay area liberals.

    Got that?
    CALIFORNIA is a socialist state, but the only people in California he has a problem with are the Bay Area liberals.

    First of all, I do not label everyone on here a liberal. In fact of the 20,000 or so members of ET I think I may have called 5 to 10 people liberals. That's a far cry from everyone. Talk about black and white thinking sheesh.

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    Waggie somewhere in that post there must be a point. Which one of those quotes do you have a problem with. I stand by each of them. I do have a problem with the bay area liberals and yes CA is a socialist state or the closest thing we have to one in the US and yes I have only called maybe 5 to 10 people on this site a liberal although I have made statements regarding liberals in general but I have only called out 5 to 10 people as liberal. I don't have a problem with people who are socialists just socialists governments. If you want the gov't to run your life Mike, go at it. I think they probably could do a better job then you. So I ask again, what is the point to your post.

    BTW, Mike, admit it, you were pretty pissed today to see the saddam news weren't you? That's one less hero you have to worship. Hey, on the bright side, you still have Bin Laden, at least for now.
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