So what do the Liberals do now that Saddam is captured?

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    Bush is surely going to get a huge uptick on this both on his approval rating and the approval rating of Iraq. Add that to Dow 10,000 and the strong economic numbers what can the democrats do now? This is huge for Bush! He now has a trophy from this war. Do any of the democrats even stand a chance now?
  2. a likely scenario....
  3. no question about it.:cool:look at what he is dealing with :eek:
    scumya is a given to win as of today. Prize is too high:D :D :D

    but...fate works in mysterious ways:cool:

    Question I got for you. Is he really any good for the good ole US of A???:confused:
  4. Better than any of the Dems... Def better than the run-a-mock Gore.
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    how insightful...
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    Hey Nolan, you are getting more objective. How about that. LOL. I also agree that he is certain to win now but I think it has less to do with today but rather how some of these democrats are responding to it. I have been watching these interviews on CNN and Clark made a complete ass of himself. Wow. I mean that was bad. It's almost as if someone pushed him in front of a camera and he had no idea what to day. He is going to be regretting that interview. Some of the other candidates were talking as if it would have been better had we not caught him. And a few others were gracious like Leiberman but unfortunately he is too far back to even matter. Dean looks really mad all the time and today was no different. He talked briefly today and you could see his veins popping in his head he was so pissed. LOL. Let's just say he didn't look very presidential.

    As to you question is GW good for the old US of A, well I will say that I have never been more proud of him as I am now. The guts that it took for him to lead this war that has been ridiculed from day one and to stay the course and not throw in the towel like all the democrats wanted, well that took character. You might disagree with why we went in, you might disagree with his policies, but that took guts for him to stay the course and I haven't seen that kind of courage in a President since Reagan. Makes me really proud to be an American.
  7. You have been completely missreading my posts. Your problem and your cronies has been that anyone that dissagrees with you is automalicaly a right wing exremist.:eek: You know one can still be a registered Republican and at the same time critisize the crap scumya and neocon cabal is shoving down our throats.:mad: I said it before and I'll say it again. This is not what signed up for.:mad:

    Your deductive reasoning can be wayyyyyyy off, hence my responses to you and your kind.:D :D Above ALL WE ARE AMERICANS and if the ones on top fuck up, IT IS OUR duty to question their actions___regardless what party they belong__ :cool:

    :D Enough already:D
  8. How old are you? Reagan and Bush? OK, I accept that you are not old enough to know better. But I assume you CAN READ. Why not try it? All of American history has not occurred during your lifetime.

    BTW, this is a "victory" NOT for Bush or the Republicans, but for Americans and the American military despite the lack of leadership and planning provided by the White House. Despite the poor foreign policy of Bush. (Which as bad as it is, is at least able to be labeled as "bad"..while the domestic policy cannot even be labeled, since you cannot label that which does not exist).

    The capture of Saddam, while a good thing, in no way has yet indicated any forthcoming swing back to us being the once world respected superpower we were before last March. After 9/11, we had the whole world behind us. GWB managed to turn our "fight against terrorism" from a popular cause on the globe, through a complete turnaround. The US is now most likely the most hated country on the planet.

    Now I know guys like don't care what the rest of the world thinks of us. But the reality is, we do live in this world. And as you may have noticed (in your case, it wouldn't surprise me if you have not), just because America or an American President says something, that does not automatically make it so for the rest of the world.

    Me, I don't want to have to be afraid to travel outside of our borders. I DO care what the rest of the world thinks or America, and of Americans.

    Of course in your black and white world, anyone who is not a conservative Republican probably does not qualify as an American.

    Of course, to REAL Americans, your perspective is quite "un-American". Maybe as you mature, you will come to understand this.

    Maverick, you and your closed minded divisive way of looking at things is just plain scary.

    You keep referring to "liberals". You have never given your definition of what a "liberal" is. Is it a Democrat? Is it anyone who does not worship Bush? Is it anyone who thinks the "plan" for our invasion of Iraq was not the best plan? Is it anyone who did not vote for Bush in the 2000 election? Is it anyone who doesn't believe that Rush Limbaugh is infallible? Is it anyone who ever voted for a Democrat? Is it anyone who is "pro-choice"? Is it anyone who is in favor of gun control? Is it anyone who is believes in the separation of Church and State? Free speech? The right to dissent? Etc., etc.

    Maverick, I hate to break it to you, but since you have made it pretty clear that to you, anyone who meets any of the preceding criteria is a "liberal". So in your world, the VAST MAJORITY of Americans must be "liberal". So this proves that what YOU believe in, what YOU hold dear, is a position shared by a very small percentage of Americans.

    So then, by definition, you do not believe in "We the People". You do not believe in "Of the People". You do not believe in a government that represents the people. What you do believe in is blind faith and an infallible GWB. You obviously believe that an election in 2004 would be a waste of time and money.

    So why not just tear up our constitution if what you really want is to appoint GWB as King, or Dictator for life?

    You may be "proud to be an American". But you know what? The VAST MAJORITY of of Americans are not proud to have you speak on their behalf. Your attitudes really are quite contrary to what our country is about.

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    Nice little propaganda speech there. What part of France do you live in? LOL. Seriously though you need to take it easy. If you are not happy about the events that have unfolded today you need to find a different country to live in. First of all, I do not label everyone on here a liberal. In fact of the 20,000 or so members of ET I think I may have called 5 to 10 people liberals. That's a far cry from everyone. Talk about black and white thinking sheesh.

    And you are wrong about the US being the most hated country in the world. Dead Wrong. I would say that I could count on one hand how many countries hate us and they don't hate us because of Bush, they hate us because of our western value system. Bin Laden made a big speech about how fake out society is, how we value money and looks and power. How we love our MTV and our big macs. There are places in the world that cannot understand why we are so greedy and pretentious. It has nothing to do with Bush, they have hated us for decades. But like I said we are talking about a handful of countries. Most of the world looks up to us as the leader of the free world. I don't know where you are getting this hate idea from but it simply does not exist.

    Do countries in Europe disagree with some of our politics? Sure they do. Does that mean they hate us? Of course not. You are argument is flimsy at best.

    As far as Bush goes, let me tell you something. For 8 years under Clinton, I felt this country sold out so many times to which ever way the wind was blowing. Bill stood for nothing and sold his soul for everything. This country had no identity. Sure we had nasdaq 5000 and internet stocks going through the roof and 21 years olds in san francisco making more money in one year then their parents made in a lifetime. But our country was soulless. We had a President that cheated on his wife and his daughter and betrayed hiw own blood, his own family and then proceeded to betray his own country. The 90's was full of selfishness. Full of greed, full of not caring.

    Now we have an administration which like it or not is driven by ideological goals and yes even spiritual ones. We have a president that has brought some integrity back to the white house and please just don't give me this what integrity bullshit. You may disagree with Bush on policy, but he has been faithful to his wife and his children for his entire life. He has never wavered on goals. He took a stand on terrorism and didn't back down. Even as his so called approval rating was plummeting he stood there and took it. He never weakened, he never once flinched. That is what I look for in a leader. A guy that get step into the pocket on third and long with no timeouts left and make that pass in the endzone and win the game. That guy that knows he is going to hit on all side by the blitz but puts his team ahead of his own self. I think we have very few of these leaders left in this world, the Joe Namath's and the Joe Montana's are gone and we left with the Bill Clinton's and the Howard Dean's.

    Bush was exactly what this country needed at this point in time. Would Bush have made a good President 20 years ago or 20 years from now, maybe not. But at this particular point in our nation's history, the right man came along. You can argue this all you want, but most democrats even approve of his leadership, just not his policy.

    And stop trying to pass judgement on someone that you know only by an online handle. I find it very arrogant that you presume to know so much about me and my age and my kind and all this other garbage that spews out of your mouth. If you don't like what I post, fine, don't read it or don't respond to it, but I find that your child like attacks on me and many others on this board are growing tiresome. If you really hate this country fine. If you don't have a problem with dictators why don't you try living under one. Hey you might like it. You see the difference between you and me is that I do know what it's like to have family that have suffered under the hands of a dictator. It's funny how people take freedom for granted. Like they deserve it or something.

    Have you ever seen a mass grave before? Have you ever seen a person so afraid that they shot themselves before they got arrested by the gestapo? Have you ever had to watch your wife get brutally raped by Russian soldiers while you were forced to watch? Have you ever seen what a human being looks like that hasn't had solid food in a month? Well members of my family have, see thats the difference.

    My guess is if you were born in Iraq you would be a very happy man today and very grateful to this nation and to our leader. Of course you have the luxury to type on this stupid board sitting on your fat ass with the mouse in one hand and remote in the other from the safety of your little suburban home. You have that luxury. You have the luxury to speak your mind because of the freedoms afforded in this country. Others are not so lucky. My only hope is people like you will one day wake up and realize that we do not live in fair and just world. That there is evil out there, there is pain and suffering. And there are a handful of people in this world that are willing to stand up to it. I applaud those people. I praise those people and I thank god for those people. Because without them, the very freedoms and safety I enjoy could be gone.
  10. LOL. That's too naive man. Get a fucking clue. At the end it's all about $$, not our "western culture" bullshit. The truth is, we will never know what goes on behind the curtains.

    Don't talk about "soulness" and the clinton years. That may be your opinion, but definitely not a fact. For me personally, those years I was more happier than I am now.
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