So what are the real differences?

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  1. Dems...Repubs..

    Far as I can tell the only difference is the color of the tie(or blouse as it may be).

    Cmom, enlighten me as to why I should vote for your party..I am completely open. Convince me.

    Will your party curb spending? Will they fix our nightmare of a foreign policy? Will they fix social security? How about illegal immigrants marauding accross the border like it wasnt there? How about more fair tax laws?

    I am watching and listening to all the political rhetoric from all candidates and have not heard one bit of substance.
  2. Which is your most important? Unfortunately you won't get all those things from a single candidate.
  3. If I had to list them from most to least it would go :

    1.Curb spending
    3 foreign policy security
  4. #1 rules out any of the DEMs as well as Huckabee.

    #2 Depends on your stance. But it sounds like you've eliminated DEMs there too. As far as the GOP goes it depends whether you like amnesty. If you don't then you've again ruled out Huck as well as McCain.

    #3 it depends on what part of it you think is a nightmare, but it sounds like Ron Paul is your guy.

    4# Romney has the best chance at fixing social security.

    #5 Again you've ruled out the DEMs.

    I think it's safe to say that you're better off voting GOP with those views, but each candidate is different. Most of your views seem to be against Huckabee. Most of the GOp guys are agreed on border security but they differ on what to do about those already in the country.

    In terms of spending, Ron Paul is your man if you think he is electable.

    If you want us to have less involvement in foreign affairs, then either Huckabee or Paul are your guys.
  5. One big difference is that some have have worked in an executive branch, or in Billary's case, been married to one. Those former governors were in an executive branch, as well as former mayors.

    Paul, McCain, Obama, Edwards and others have no practical experience in this area.

    Though who really knows who Paul, McCain, Edwards and Obama have been sleeping with?

    :p :p :p
  6. Cache.

    Thank you for the thoughtful post. It seems I will be just another indie voter picking the best of the worst.

    My dream candidate would be spending less than we make....enforce existing immigration laws...stop nation building...refund SS by re routing those military $$`s and make our tax policy flat and fair.
  7. Well hillbilly is not getting my vote. I said to myself that whoever it would be this time would not be a Bush nor a Clinton. That oligarchy needs to end.

    Who do you like Z?
  8. I think you're right. It scares me that Hillary seems to be the most reasonable and responsible of the democrat candidates, but I think electing a former First Lady is a terrible precedent. It reinforces the concept of politics as a family business, where public office is passed down as an entitlement.

    I think in fairness that we need a clean break from the Bush crowd as well. Other than Ron Paul, I'm not sure which republican candidate represents the biggest break from the current administration.
  9. I don't like anyone of them, don't trust any of them.

    Why people trust politicians at this point is beyond me.

    When it comes time to vote, I will make a decision, and won't tell anyone what it was.

  10. I never heard you squawking about Bush Jr. getting elected, or Jeb benefiting from dear old dad.

    No comment about Mitt Romney and his family name and support.

    More politics of convenience from AAA, not principle.

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