So we have first strange results

Discussion in 'Trading' started by kashirin, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. 10y note +0.1%
    Es -2.5 %
    oil -3%
    dollar -0.1%

    dollar against yen, chf down but closing the gap steadily at the moment

    I would say ES is strong buy now.
    so buying now es 1171
    take profit 1199
    stop loss 1164
  2. baro-san


    It depends on your time frame. Greenspan said today that the market hasn't reached its bottom yet. Be very careful! "Don't try to catch a falling knife!"

  3. I am a buyer at these prices as well with wide stops. Up but volatile week.
  4. iprph90


    agreed: 1130-40 much better shorter term buying opportunity....longer term trigger 1050 (-3% overshoot)......i love giving free advice on a free forum.:cool:
  5. ggg12


    Greenspam is part of the problem here and he is always a laggard indicator. 11 rate cuts during PacRim crisis created the Internet Bubble, 11 rate hikes created the Recessional, Internet Crash and created the housing bubble.

    Greenspam needs to crawl back under his rock.
  6. don't do it - i am short with a protective stop

    hard to go against the market like that. listen to these guys.

  7. This thread closely resembles a casino.
  8. ggg12


    hammertime is true.. hammer candle that is.

    word of advice, you might consider covering down here before ECB kicks in their bond buying program tommorrow--- QE1 for Europe.
  9. TGregg


    Yeah that 1050 tease way back, threatening to go test 1k, then give up on the test and march North. We might set up for a retry. Maybe we do the same all over again? Maybe we do get to go test 1k. My hunch is test. But I thought that last time.

    Interesting stuff.
  10. Went long ES 1172 stop 1142 target 1236 - Once over 1196 will trail 30 pt stop
    #10     Aug 7, 2011