So we got money for HAITI, but we don't have money for Americans, DAMN

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  1. mikasa


    I don't like the fact that so many of them died

    But when the hell are we gonna take care of Americans first

    does anyone else wonder this, or am I as usual the only thinker here :mad:
  2. We have money? Where?
  3. You are so right.

    Americans have not come first for a long time. George Washington and other early founders warned against international entanglements.

    It is very sad.

    The elites in power could care less about the average american.
  4. you bunch of fucking whining pricks, people over there are dropping like flies literally, corpses piled up on the street, no food/water. And you are here bitching about the US throwing some table scrap to that shithole of a country so their people would die less quickly? yes we should instead give that aid money to a few overfed overleveraged americans so they can stuff their mouth with more fried chicken....
  5. pupu


    American DO comes first!

    When you need some suckers to cough up money to cover wall streets losing gambles and fund international adventures.

    Taxpayers A** H*** are so well lubricated that they don't even flinch anymore. Bring your buddy!
  6. What's up with da' fried chicken remark?
  7. Lethn


    He seems to think that all Americans are fat people who eat fried chicken which makes me wonder if he believes that retarded stereotype what else would he believe in?

    I think we should be helping Haiti but I don't think we should be promising them aid and pissing them off by not giving it until thousands have died and then suddenly sending a bunch of conveniently placed troops into their country to make them even more pissed off than they already will be.
  8. Sevenout


    The death toll estimates are grossly exaggerated.
    Why has the media clearly decided to give this event
    so much exposure?
    What has caused more human suffering there - the earthquake
    or the anarchy? The looters? The riots?
  9. I guess the mass graves, and piles of decaying bodys in 85 degree heat didn't do it for you?

    Show a little compassion for humanity you scumbag.
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