So we can tax whatever we want to, eh?

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    Boy the libtards opened up a can of worms with this one. My suggestions:

    Baggy pants that show underwear
    Nose rings
    Unatural hair color
    Filing for government assistance
    Clueless Voting (no idea about the three branches of government)
    Breeding kids that go to jail
    Having kids out of wedlock
    Having kids from multiple partners
    Having kids that fail to graduate from high school
    Calling somebody else a racist
    Living in an urban environment
    Contributing to NPR
    Earings on guys
    Any piercings other than ear lobes
    Living in your mom's basement after age 20
    IQ below 90

    Any others?
  2. pspr


    If you don't buy a new model American made car at least once every three years to support the economy you will be taxed $30,000 for each year you fail to meet this requirement.
  3. 1) The federal govt has no limits.
    2)Every activity known to man is interstate commerce.
  4. Car insurance because everyone has the right to have a car.

    Put a tax on mortgages so that the people without homes can have a home because everyone has a right to live in a house.

    An extra tax at expensive restaurants so that poor people can eat there too because its not fair that only the rich get to eat there.

    And the final straw that will break the camels back....a tax on trading. Then that money will be given to people that do not have a trading account or blew up their account because it shouldnt only be the rich that get to trade stocks.
  5. Maybe now the people will understand that every fee, rule or mandate the Congress does is a TAX...

    It may be the final sucess of the Tea party
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    What?!?! Taxes are used to pay for necessities like roads, police, fire, education and now healthcare that can't deny those with preexisting conditions?!?!
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    What taxes are for is not the issue, it's now what can be taxed that has changed dramatically.

    I can literally have no property, no income, live isolated in the wilderness and be taxed just because I exist. That is a fundamental change, it is an obnoxious violation of liberty and changes what america is supposed to be about. Of course nothing will change much in our lives for many years, these things take time to do their destructive thing.
  8. it has abrogated 200 years of american history, it completely wipes out what America at it's core stands for. This is America's Ermächtigungsgesetz.
  9. your ignorance is showing. if you have no property and no income you would recieve your insurance coverage as a subsidy.
    its only those who have the income that refuse to buy insurance that will have to pay the tax. even then the tax will be much less than the insuance would have cost. another subsidy.
  10. Prior to this ruling, the government taxed activity. You could be taxed when you earned income, made a purchase, made a profit, etc.

    The fundamental change resulting from this ruling is that now the government can now tax inactivity. You can now be taxed if you fail to get out of bed at a time prescribed by the government, don't eat your carrots or don't give your kids a hug at bedtime. You can be taxed for doing nothing at all. This ruling opens the door for the government to place a tax on everything you don't do.

    The real danger is what cash-strapped city and state governments will do with this ruling. Ten years from now there could be thousands of local laws based upon taxing inactivity to generate revenues.
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