So, was today the reversal on the S & P?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by LT701, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. LT701


    well, caught the short to the 20 day ma, but am surprised by the strength of the bouce off it.

    currently in the body of last week's 'chopsticks' top, so uncharted territory for me

    top of that body is 1325.18, pretty close there now

    the answer to the first question in this thread may well be 'no' by the end of the day
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  2. LT701


    interestingly, it didnt close above the 'wick' of last week's chopsticks, but it did close above the bodies.

    therefore, I consider the answer to the original post to be 'no', or 'yes, but very minor' as it reversed to no lower than the 20 day ma although anything can happen next

    interestingly, it still closed at 1326.41, below may's high of 1326.7

    as usual, the answer to 'what will the market do?' is 'whatever jacks the most people'
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  3. Buy1Sell2


    9/21 was not the reversal on the S&P.
    #33     Oct 14, 2006