So wait, Greece still going to have debts to 120% of GDP by 2020

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    So going from 160% today to 120% by 2020, haha, come on does anyone actually believe they can fine tune this to the point where debt is still running to 120% of their GDP, thats still SIGNIFICANT. 120% debt to GDP ratio, what a fucking joke. How many more countries are in the same situation, of thats right the US is!

    In an agreement reached after more than eight hours of sometimes harsh negotiations, the private sector said it would voluntarily accept a nominal 50 percent cut in its investments to reduce Greece's debt burden by 100 billion euros, cutting its debts to 120 percent of GDP by 2020, from 160 percent now.
  2. i too found 160% -> 120% somewhat amusing.

    i get a feeling that the top brass european politicians come from a long bloodline of used car salesmen.
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    This whole exercise is designed to inspire confidence, not fix the problem, imo.
  4. Futures up 100 plus...

    Somebody likes this bullshit.