So Today Was the Lamest Day Ever

Discussion in 'Trading' started by iagainsti, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. I think the high to low for the Russell was 2.6 points during RTH...

    Don't know how anyone could have made money. Is this just due to the end of year, or snowstorm?

    How say you?
  2. i hate to break it to you but trading is done for the year. im sure you could pick up a few bills but for the most part traders have locked in 2010.
  3. Yeah still $$ to be made but on stock specific plays ie XING, IRE. market type stocks ie ones that move when the market moves were deader then dead!! No $$ trading them at the moment
  4. fact is, theres quite a bit of action under the hood.

    indexes suck , quite obvious all week
  5. save you energy and capital for real trading..this mostly HFT machinces buying and selling to each other..intraday action was worse than after hours.. ..

    be sure take the last week off for vacation if don't have to trade..there is no action in the market that is worth your time or capital.
    waste of everybody's time when it trades like this..unproductive. 4 hour deadzone lunch.

  6. POT +5% today
  7. wrbtrader


    It's like this every year between Xmas and New Years celebration. Good time to reduce position size or don't trade (enjoy more of the holidays). Use this time to start preparing for 2011 especially the infamous January trading session.

  8. Why are you trading the INDEXES?

    There have been continued HUGE moves in the COAL sector today, and since Dec. 1st.

    Try ANR, CNX, WLT, etc.
  9. only retail traders trading last week fo the year..
    institutional fund traders are for mutual fudns hedge funds are done for the year. they won't be back til next year. 2011 for real trading. that moves markets. large institutioanal trading are done over the counter.

    oil barely moved. unusual for oil

  10. for all their bluster, clearly these folks dont know how to find whats moving
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