So this was probably my first and last ever FOREX deposit

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  1. Ummm..

    USDJPY 30+ cent move in 1 second?

    Are you kidding me, and I'm short that and out my whole account?

    Maybe that was the best $250.00 lesson I have ever learned.


    65 cent move in 30 seconds..

    Is that even real? Im pretty pissed, but almost laughing at the same time - I'd rather piss my money away in options
  2. happens all the time.

    feels good to be on right side.
  3. Fin Min Kan can kiss my ass for the record - I guess I didn't get the memo lol
  4. speres


  5. Yeah that would have helped about an hour ago. Sad thing is I will most likely be back for more abuse after I lick my wounds.
  6. As I am sure you were.

    Good luck the rest of the way through life.
  7. speres


    well when you return for your abuse, make sure you remember...including all the other occasions.... tattoo it on your arm
  8. not on your trade though, but others before and will be more... im sure you can learn to work around the market events.

    good luck with your trading
  9. speres


    just like that film momento, have you seen it? bloody good film...
  10. ric3bowl


    why didn't you have a stop!??
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