So this was like trading in the late 90s?

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  1. Pekelo


    Market never goes down, everybody is a winner? Just go long at anytime and wait a little? (also Bitcoin last year)

    I wasn't active in those years that is why I am asking.
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  2. Here4money


    Feels like an episode of Oprah. A free car suddenly doesn't feel so special.
  3. tommcginnis


    Took a mutual fund... "Ultra"??? Bought it at a dollar, sold it 9 months later for $1.30-$1.40.

    I want to say..... '96??
    (We rejuvenated the exterior of a 3-unit Queen Anne Revival. "Yay, us!")
    That was a small taste.
    Played an office pool (My entry: The Detritus Fund -- where I bought/sold according to a 5-minute review of the prior day's WSJ Worst Performers list.... kicked ASS.)
    But divorce put off anything expansive until for another 5+ years.
  4. S2007S


    That was basically it yes...never a down day until one day it all ended!!!!

    But back then I feel there was just alot more volatility and fun in the markets, today is just boring as fu$k with zero volatility.....
  5. 90's was insane, laughing clown, euphoria -- modern times are relatively bland and boring and tame and systematic and logical.

    I wasn't trading either in that era, my time was occupied with playing computer games.
    My Windows 98 PC was truly a magical portal for me.

    If I were trading then, and know what I know now then, I would have been Dan Zanger 2.
    I would be so rich, if I could magically transport to the mid/late 90's market right now. In that environment. without of course the benefit of hindsight. -- and the 2000 crash wouldn't have affected me either, it would just positively amplify things.
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  6. S2007S


    I think I remember that mutual fund, uspix or something like that, it was the only way at the time to play short or long x 2.... then the ETFs came out some years later....
  7. speedo


    Way different, this market is steadily going up but in the late 90's, you could routinely take a flat base breakout on a high beta mid-cap tech and make 20-100% in minutes...over and over and over. It was absolutely crazy.
  8. Here4money


    Hear it didn't compare to the 80's?
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  9. S2007S


    Exactly bland and boring.......this is nothing compared to the they just jam the same Dow stocks higher, and since it's a weighted index it's not hard to take 10-12 Dow 30 stocks trading in the 100-300 price range and push them up 1% for an easy 100+ point return on the Dow day after day after day...

  10. did you make 5 or 10 million?
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