So this is racism?

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  1. You're scared for your life while making a 911 call. The police ask you for a description of the gunman and you say, he's a tall black guy. So let me get this straight. Describing a tall black guy as a tall black guy is racist? The leftist media has gone officially nuts.

    911 call on Conn. shooting shows racial disparity.

    By JOHN CHRISTOFFERSEN, Associated Press Writer John Christoffersen, Associated Press Writer – 58 mins ago
    ENFIELD, Conn. – A woman hiding under her desk tells an emergency dispatcher that a co-worker is in the midst of a shooting spree. The dispatcher presses for any information about the man.

    "I don't know anything," the woman says, according to a 911 tape released Wednesday. "He's a tall black guy. He's like the only black guy that works here."
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    Just think if this was the other way around - a loser white guy was caught stealing on video tape, then killed a bunch of black folks. You can bet the lame stream media would not be doing their level best to claim that this poor lone white guy was being opressed. They would be making the case that this was yet another racist who killed a bunch of black people because he hates black people.

    And we'd be here saying that boy if this were reversed and a loser black guy was caught stealing on video tape then killed a bunch of white folks - then the media would be defending the guy.

    At least if it was the other way around, the media would be blaming the criminal POS shooter.
  3. "I don't know anything," the woman says, according to a 911 tape released Wednesday. "He brings fried chicken for lunch and steals beer. You figure it out."
  4. Only Mel can feel the true pain of racisim.

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    Admit it, she's probably a Tea Partier

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    What the fuck is she supposed to say? He's not white, latino, or indian?!?
  7. +1
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    Yes, it's racist for a simple reason. The guy is not actually black. Get it?
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    What are you talking about?

    Clearly, the guy was black:

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    I believe lil' ricky's pet peeve on the "black" thingy is that they are really just dark brown. He gets his panties in a bunch when anyone say "black".

    What would be the politically correct way to describe this individual on a 911 call when seconds count?

    911 caller: "He's the oppressed tall dark hansom guy with smooth milk chocolate skin tone whose ancestors were enslaved by the imperialist multinational corporations. He is carrying a handgun he was forced to steal by "the man's" despicable treatment of him that should have been banned but wasn't because of those right winger NRA hillbilly types".
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