So this is it ? Bottom's In ?

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  1. Every day I see the market go up higher and higher...I feel like an Idiot for selling my positions in early April....

    What does everyone else think ?

    Personally, I'm still "hoping" for a leg down to get that head and shoulders pattern before we go anywhere so I could load up on some nice stocks/calls...everything seems to be soo unreal and bloated by the media..doesnt feel like a real rally. Plus the market seems to be choppy but @ the same time it keeps going higher and higher -l ol.
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    I feel your pain, that is how trading is unfortunately.

    When right we always sell too early.

  3. What does everyone think?

    That you should stop trading immediately. You are hoping and second-guessing, etc. The market is quite unconcerned about your hopes and fantasies.

    You are years away from being a successful trader. Seriously
  4. Go with the prevailing current trend.
    Buy stocks, keep a tight stop, protect your capital. Keep your trades short term if you are buying here.
    I took profits several times on this up trend and I will make new entries as the opportunity presents itself.
    I won't short until I see signs this rally has been broken or has run out of steam. Till then my bias is long with a short term horizon.
    I wouldn't short here.

  5. Not sure you have ever sailed in the Ocean. I sailed off the coast of Florida, Boca shore line. I remember taking the boat out right after a Nasty Storm. The sky's were clear, seagulls and pelicans in the air. Sun was out. Started to sail to Miami...not a big trip, just a night out in Southbeach. All was good.

    Then from out of no where comes a storm,...I mean within minuets, so fast Coast Guard and NOAA did not have time to send out the mesg until it was on Top of us, WhiteCaps at 14ft to 25 ft and starting to swell at all most 40 feet....We can still see land, we where not out far.

    Hope you understand what I think about this market, while the sun is still out.

    Keep in mind, this is my thought for the BIG DOGS, ones who have a large amount of capital that they can't just trade in and out stocks like a SOES bandit.
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    Trader Zones, I think you are mentally ill and should watch cartoons in a well lit room, guarded by men in white coats with butterfly nets.
  7. I plan to buy some DIA at a lower price in the future, but if I've missed it, I think if you look hard enough you will find stocks, ETF's etc.... that haven't exploded yet and have potential to do so.
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    Another self proclaimed guru who talks on high heels but is nowhere to be found on the P/L journal.

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    Ask ARealGannTrader and then fade his answer:p

  10. Nice advice - NOT.

    Seriously bro' you're better of staying shut than wasting your time to write that and my time to read it - 'coz that was unnecessary.

    I'ill consider myself pretty succesfful this year as Im up from my original 2800 account to just about 25,000$ in 2.5 months.
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