So they're renaming the order types.

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  1. As of January 16th:

    Stop Order will be called Stop-on-Quote Order.

    Stop Limit Order will be called Stop-Limit-on-Quote Order.

    Trailing Stop Order will be called Trailing Stop-on-Quote Order
  2. NoDoji


    How can that even be legal? Talk about manipulation opportunities... :eek:
  3. Bob111


    sick of this "illusion of hard work"..rule **** my about ban subpenny?
  4. I think the proposed rule is great to help new people understand how it actually works.
  5. Visaria


    So what is a ordinary stop going to be called now? Stop-on-last-transaction?
  6. All just new rules to screw us little guys!

  7. What are you talking about?

    it actually unscrews some screwing "us little guys".
  8. If this form of stop order triggers on a quote then it should indeed be called a stop on quote order.
  9. am I missing something?

    at ib you can set your trigger up anyway you want

    on the bid
    on the ask
    on last

    stop mkt

    stop limit

    bid minus
    bid plus
    ask minus
    ask plus

    what more do you want?

    Just special names for each of our little pets?

    How bout SHIT PUKE MOC?
    (means, if it takes a shit, activate when it hits my puke point, and if that doesn't work, get me flat on the close at the market)
  10. So IB is a model of clarity on how their stops operate, but I am not so sure about Scott Trade.


    it may appear that they only offer one form of stop order, and had not until recently disclosed properly that it triggered off quotes, not trades.

    Maybe they offer other stop orders as well but I do not see that on their web site.

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