So these people on tradingview...

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    are annoying the fuck out of me by autoliking my ideas. And it's the same people trying to sell "education". I think it's a psychological marketing ploy, isn't it?

    "o my god, this dude liked my idea!!!!!!!!!"
    "who is he? he must be a genius like me! let's check him out!"
    "I knew it, he's a genius!"
    "O, look, he's offering a trading course! For only $97!!! I would be foolish not to take advantage of this!"

    This guy is like the worst offender. You're compelled to "join my free telegram channel now before it goes private". NO, EAT A ****!
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  3. Bum


    Yes, the salesmen can be pretty funny.

    There's one on Tradingview I checked when he claimed to have a 83% win rate with his signal calling service.
    I reviewed a couple pages of his trade calls on Tradingview & about 75% were losses.
    I asked how his paid signal service can be so good & his trade calls on Tradingview so bad.
    His response:
    "if I’m running a business then why would I post all my winning trades for free on here?"

    So I'm supposed to believe he intentionally calls his losing trades to the public because he doesn't want to give away "free" winning trades? Winning trades for paid members only. :D

    That's not a very good advertising practice if he's trying to get new customers.
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  4. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    The concept of that site is flawed right from the start, which is why it attracts a crowd that will let you down every time.
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  5. Metamega


    I didn’t realize how bad some information can be out there. I watched a couple videos for some stuff on Amibroker, now my YouTube feed is filled with turn 2K into 100k videos.

    Some are ridiculous with how many subscribers and views they get.
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  6. krugman25


    That's one of the reasons I got off of that site. Everyone is looking to make a buck, either the wannabe trade gurus hoping start a trade room, or the newbie traders looking for someone to tell them what their next trade should be.

    I don't even use the site anymore just for charting (even though their charting tools are pretty good), because I'm sick of looking at all of the MagicPoopCannon's of the world on their peddling their garbage analysis.
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  7. lentus


    LOL. I had a very similar experience. I asked a dude how could it be that all of his losers were posted on tradingview, yet all his winners are in his superdooperprivatetelegramgroup. His answer: "I don't know."
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  8. lentus


    I love the concept. It's a great resource. But scumbags come and abuse many things.
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    Well, I love the site. Scumbags won't stop me from using it.
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    Autoliking, fake following - happens in largest art platforms as well, Instagram - FB too. Under youtube videos, one will praise the video and author, then finish his comment with please check my channel.

    It's just a part of the ocean.
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