So the whacky muslims now put Paul Mccartney on the hit list

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  1. Paul McCartney Defies Islamic Suicide Bombers In Israel

    Israel News Agency, Israel September 15 2008
    By Joel Leyden

    Jerusalem, Israel. In what is truly becoming a Magical Mystery Tour, former Beatles member Sir Paul McCartney has been threatened with death by Islamic terrorists if he comes to Israel for a concert.

    Dennis Rice, a freelance journalist and reporter for the Sunday Express has been in contact with the Israel News Agency and other Israel news and governmental organizations seeking for and finding the answer to "Has McCartney been threatened if he plays in Israel?"

    Rice's investigative journalism went deep as he found that Islamic terrorist Omar Bakri claiming the former Beatle’s decision to take part in Israel's 60th anniversary celebrations had made him an enemy of all Muslims.

    Sources close to McCartney said Sir Paul was shocked but refused to be intimidated (...)

    Good for Paul.