So The terriosts were caught by muslim spies and tipsters, So how did the US spyprogr

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Do you think republicans rely to much on technology

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  1. ok if all the terriosts so far were caught by tipsters and spies within the terriosts organizations. So what was the point of the illegal us domestic wiretaps. You brain dead republicans why dont you invest more in manpower so you can infiltrate these organizations instead of spending billions on nsa equipment. So that you can enrich your corporate croney buddies.
  2. Mahram, I will be waxing my car this weekend.

    How many turtles would you recommend that I buy to get that "professional turtle wax shine" for a four door car?

  3. bsmeter


    The bogeyman did it again. You can bet we'll never find out who these so called 20 + terrorists are.

    Makes for great weekend relaxation.

    What makes you think the billions being spent by the NSA on eavsdropping is meant for terrorists?

    The top guy at Naval and Military intelligence thinks the Constitution is a Joke. Americans apparently do not have any rights.

    You really want to know who these bastards pray to? read up on molech. These are all puppets of the Khazari filth.

    ( if you must know molech is satan. In Khazari Kabbalah filth they call him the "enlightened one"). You really can't make shit like this up even if you wanted to. ROTFLAMO!! :D
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    Here's Jethro watching Fox News:

    " Look hea maw, Dees people hea sho doo like the Texas Long horns".

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    Try and enjoy your weekend. You American Sheep don't have many weekends left.

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    Here's Jethro again

    "Dammit maw, dea goes ma daee. Them Democrats also suppot the Long horns. Now I kint support no Long horn, I just kint!!! What iz mee to do?! Maw, I izz so confoosed "!!!

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    "Liberal Media" my ass! :D

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    Mahram doesn't know anything about waxing a car. Waxing a camel he might know. Or how to pick up underage girls; He is an expert.

  9. woah woah, as the person that makes fun of americans,and critizise their government the mosts, I dont advocate violence and I dont condone violence against my americans friends here. My comments are insulting, critical, and funny against americans and their support of stupid policies. I stand for good debate, and some hilarious jokes, but not violence. Please bsmeter, lets keep this a funny thread, instead of threatening thread.

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    Poor bsmeter in the Skinner Box

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