So the sky really is falling

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  2. My guess, it will land on Jamal, in spite of 9 prior arrests, father of 5 at the young age of 21 his babies mama said he was "turning his life around". Damn shame.
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    Does this mean there is a 1 in 1600 chance that it will land on either Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton?
  4. I'm really worried about this NASA satellite that's predicted to crash to earth tomorrow.

    What if it misses my wife?
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    Send her out on a cruise in the Pacific. That is where it's suppose to land (they think). LOL.
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    We're not that lucky.

    If a piece of it lands in my yard do I get any compensation? :)
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    A NASA satellite the size of a school bus is just days away from taking a fiery plunge into Earth’s atmosphere and could set off a dazzling display when it does … if anyone is able to see it.

    NASA's 6 ½-ton Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite is due to fall somewhere on Earth Friday (Sept. 23), though exactly where and when remains a mystery.

    If you happened to be lucky enough to be within viewing range of a satellite that is re-entering the atmosphere, the sight, put simply, would amount to a short-lived but spectacular fireworks display. Unlike a fireball meteor, whose flight across the sky might take no more than a few seconds, a re-entering satellite’s path usually lasts much longer.

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  8. I hope it lands on my old car and I can collect the insurance money. Pretty sure my policy covers satellite debris.

  9. Depends on Ebay , really.:p
  10. What do you call a man with a satellite on his head?

    Jamal, hopefully.
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