So The Negative Jobs Number Last Month=Rate Cut

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  1. So now we no their were really 89,000 jobs created,and another 110,000 this past month, do we get a rate hike now wahhhhh what a total scam to give wall street what they wanted.

    It was all a hoax!
  2. Who cares. Trade the market and make $$$.
  3. bernanke is a whore to wall street.

    what a pussy.
  4. Im doing just that, but the fact remains.
  5. go with the flow .
  6. I'm fed up of making these USD$.. Down another +120 pips against the CAD..WTF..
  7. said it on the night and ill say it again.

    the fed made a major policy mistake the other week.

    they should have just cut the discount rate.

    the fed are a bunch of pussies.

    at least trichet and king stood their ground.

    i dont know about the bernanke put.

    more like the the bernanke arse lick to all his buddies at the us investment banks.

    he should shave his beard for this cock up.
  8. Amen brother, so what will you be buying today. Forced once again out of savings mode into risk mode to just keep treading water so my worthless neighbors can borrow more to go on vacation.

    Up is down, down is up. If anyone ever tells you money doesn't grow on trees just laugh at them.

    Good luck!
  9. After Fed cut I immediatelly converted all my money into CAD
    I will never save a single US $ again

    I trade using margin now. and all profits immediately converted into Euros, AUD and CAD. CAD is 0.98 from 1.025 before Fed cut

    I'm sure everybody in the world doing the same thing. Only suckers hold dollars

    Bernanke met Rubin and other financial CEOs and decided to cut
    Bernanke is a whore
    Or maybe he was just bribed?

    What a shame!
  10. It was all just a dream, everything is now rosy. Wallstreet got it's big fat rate cut, and now we learn everything was just fine.

    Go back to your lives citizens.
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