So the analysts are just dumf$%^ks without illegal info

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  1. Analysts' Accuracy Forecasting U.S. Profits Worst in 16 Years

    By Lynn Thomasson

    Aug. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Analysts' accuracy in predicting U.S. profits dropped to the lowest level in at least 16 years last quarter, adding to a worsening track record since regulators forced companies to stop leaking information to Wall Street.
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    Analysts are all dumb fucks with vested interests up their stinking ass. What's worse, the dumbass public actually listens to their shit. Finally, SEC can't do anything because their being financed by these same bitches. Analysts must be banned!
  3. Analysts' Accuracy Forecasting

    The is not a bad thing. All systems normal. They are the herd.