So that you always operate with the mini sp?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by TTT, Aug 9, 2018.

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    For example now the trend is in natural gas. So that you always operate in the mini sp?
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    The intraday key is in changing assets?
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    With NG, even when you win, you lose. The ranges suck. Plus there's a 12 year trend in the way of any further upside to that "trend" you identified. If it busts through that, then you're golden. But I would check out what XLE is doing first. Energy is not looking to be in high demand currently. Combine that with NG never being in high demand, and I suspect you're looking at a shit sandwich. Anything can happen however.

    As for the title of this thread, I'm assuming it translates to you being under the impression that everyone only sticks to ES. That's a bad assumption. People trade anything and everything.
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    Thanks Treeman, any advice helps me, I still can not be profitable in the intraday. Any advice will be well received