So tell me, why shouldnt Israel wipe Iran off the map

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  1. Idle threats or not, Ahmadinejad and his followers have to go.

    y ALI AKBAR DAREINI, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 23 minutes ago

    TEHRAN, Iran - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Wednesday that Israel is dying and that its 60th anniversary celebrations are an attempt to prevent its "annihilation."

    He spoke hours after President Bush arrived in Israel for the anniversary celebrations.

    "The Zionist (Israeli) regime is dying," said Ahmadinejad during a speech in northern Iran. "The criminals assume that by holding celebrations ... they can save the sinister Zionist regime from death and annihilation."

    Ahmadinejad used an Arabic word, ismihlal, that can also be translated as destruction, death and collapse.

    Iran doesn't recognize Israel, and Ahmadinejad has repeatedly called for Israel's destruction. Threatening exchanges between Iran and Israel have intensified since 2005, when Ahmadinejad said in a speech that Israel will one day be "wiped off the map." The Iranian leader has also described the Holocaust as a "myth."

    "Nations of the region hate this criminal fabricated regime (Israel) and will uproot this fabricated regime if the smallest and shortest opportunity is given to them," Ahmadinejad said Wednesday in an address broadcast live on state television.

    Israel considers Iran a serious threat because of its support for Hamas and Hezbollah militants, its nuclear program and its arsenal of long-range missiles, which can be fitted with nuclear warheads and are capable of striking the Jewish state.

    Tehran is equipped with Shahab-3 missiles, which have a range of up to 1,250 miles. Israel is about 625 miles west of Iran.

    Israel and the U.S. accuse Iran of using its nuclear program as a cover for a weapons program. Iran has denied the charges, saying its nuclear program is geared merely toward generating electricity, not bomb making.

    Israel is widely believed to have a large stockpile of nuclear weapons, but follows a policy it calls "nuclear ambiguity" and has never acknowledged or denied having a nuclear weapons program.

    Iranian military officials have warned Israel in recent years that Iran would destroy Israel's Dimona nuclear reactor if the Jewish state were to attack Iranian nuclear facilities.

    Basically this guy is saying that Iran will strike given any opportunity, so is Israel supposed to sit back and wait for that to happen?
  2. ›› So tell me, why shouldnt Israel wipe Iran off the map

    Answer: They couldn't stop a bunch of Hezbelloh street urchins last think they could wipe Iran off the map?????
  3. Excuse the hyperbole. I meant more of a needed preemptive strike. Perhaps an air campaign, taking out strategic targets.

    Or they could always push a button.h.
  4. achilles28


    First, Arabs are huge shit talkers.

    They talk a big game but do nothing to back it up.

    Second, Iran already has biological and chemical weapons.

    If they wanted to hurt Israel, it would have been on - 20 years ago.

    Third, if Israel and Iran want War with each other, let them.

    Both Governments seem like belligerent demagoguing fools with nothing but blind hatred and animosity for the other.

    But keep the US out of it.

    Let Israel fight her own wars, with her own money, and her own blood and we'll see how much shutzpa shes got then.

    As far as I can tell, America has been fighting Israel's Wars since 1990.

    War on Terror is no different.

    You want to talk about a revolution?

    Throw some money at free energy and let the Arabs choke on that sand.

    But oh no, gotta have war with a credible enemy. So we keep feeding these crack pot dictators ridiculous amounts of oil money so they can buy our weapons we eventually use to bomb the shit out them.

    Wash rinse repeat.
  5. Really? Shutzpa???

    They havent fought their own wars? How many us troops died in Israel's battles?

    But that's not the point of my post anyway. I just want to know et's thouhgts as to why Israel shouldnt preemptively strike Iran, but thanks for playing.
  6. achilles28


    How many Israeli troops died in Afghanistan, Gulf War#1 and Gulf War#2?

    Very few, as far as I can tell.

    And before you run away, I was about to answer your question.

    An Israeli first strike is a bad idea for America because it'll be America that spearheads the strike under Israels 'banner'. Just like always.

    Hey, if Israel wants to go it alone for a surgical strike, more power to ya guy.

    But we all know that won't happen.
  7. Im not sure Israel could do it anymore....Technology has caught up....the rockets used by Hezb. were from Iran...they have invested in airplanes and rockets too so Israel really doesn;t have the huge advantage it once had thanks to all the US $$ and weapons we poured into her.
  8. It is very hard for me to unravel your logic. If i am assuming coorectly, you are saying that Afghan., gulf 1, 2 were Israel's wars that the us fought.

    How much of that stick icky humboldt big buds you smoking?
  9. So do you believe that is the reason that israel is holding back, htey are not sure they can pull it off?

    If your neighbor is saying "watch your back Tm, because the first opportunity I get, youre going down" you going to wait for him to throw the first blow?
  10. achilles28


    Oh give me a break. The entire middle east has a hard-on for Israel but smashing the Taliban and Saddam did nothing for Israel's plight?

    Please, guy.

    I'm not saying Zionists made us go to war with Afghanistan or Iraq.

    But you better believe Israel exerts (and continues to exert) massive influence on who and when this Country goes to War.
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