So, tell me about yourself !!!

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  1. This is the #1 interview question that they will ask you if you ever try to go for a trading job, or some other job. What would you answer.. ??? HELP !!!

    I'm a great person and I work really hard. This quality enabled me to be very successful in all my past pursuits.
  2. I'm an honest hard working individual with a passion for the trading world. I have strong leadership skills and am able to work under a stressful environment.

    That's the cookie cutter answer. Modify it as you see fit and make sure you actually fit the description :)

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    Thanks, this is good advice! How would you recognize someone as mature? Is age an aspect?
  4. The problem with any interview is that you are at the mercy of the interviewer and personalities. You as the job seeker has to "read" what the interviewer wants to hear. Everyone of these people have their own idea of who might fit the job description. This is not how it should be but this is how the world is, I suggest that you read a few books on how to conduct yourself during a job interview and how to read body language of the interviewer. This will help swing the odds in your favor, assuming that you have the abilities to perform the job as well of course.

    Good luck.
  5. This may be off subject, however, I feel compelled to comment.

    This Dear Sir is an understatement of your abilities and virtues. Your ability to lead and passion for the trading world is abundantly demonstrated in your contributions to the various threads which you participate in, most notably the AHG and ET mentor threads. I agree with Quant-not regarding insincere cookie cutter answers, however, these words spoken from you are hardly insincere. I am only one of the many grateful individuals who greatly appreciate your efforts and sincere desire to help other's by sharing your knowledge and understanding in such a selfish and generous fashion. It is rare to find these traits in an individual, I applaud you for your sincerity and Thank you for your contributions to this community. You are truly a prince among men. I hope in time upon grasping a better understanding of trading as opposed to investing that I may be able to continue your example of assisting other's and "paying forward" your kindness.
  6. I absolutely agree with hwkaiser. The contribution of Anekdoten to the trading commmunity is tremendous. His kindness is altruism in its purist form.

    Whether your answer is a cookie cutter answer or not, it is best to have some examples to back up your answers.
  7. That's the point, no matter how GOOD a person you are, there is NO way to answer that question and fully caputure what you are. Some people are MODEST and they tend to down play what they can do, or they may not value their skill set the way someone else might.
  8. Great, at what time do I start my new job ? :D

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    Read the book "Knock Em Dead" by Martin Yates. Its less then $20 on Amazon and will give you some tips on presentation and all the tough questions, etc.
  10. That was the book I was thinking about, I have it somewhere, it´s very good.
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