So screwed.

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    "More than two-thirds of Americans, including a majority of Republicans, say wealthier people should pay more in taxes to bring down the budget deficit,"


    The shrinking middle class, rich and corporate tax base already support the federal government. BUT the majority of Americans who dont even pay taxes want more taxes for the base that already supports the govt.

    How about stop spending? lol...yeah right

    And now the GOP is getting in on the class warfare populist act.

    We are fucked. No way around it. Instead of moving forward, Culling spending and using a more progressive approach we are moving backward. We need to share the tax burden equally. Everyone needs to have skin in the game.

    I know im mostly preachin to the choir here but damn im depressed about the direction this is going in.
  2. This was the cornerstone of Odumbo's plan of wealth redistribution.

    1. Run up HUGE deficits.. what, about $7-$8 TRILLION... IN ONLY 1 TERM?

    2. The only "solution" to the deficit gap is to raise taxes.

    Viola! Wealth Redistribution.

    Greedy Millionaires and Billionaires? Don't want to pay more in taxes... don't want to pay their "fair share"? Got news for the Libs.. .the wealthy are paying ALL THE FREIGHT... THEY ARE THE ONES ABUSED BY THE PROGRESSIVE TAX SYSTEM. Who are the greedy... those who wish to keep what they've earned... or those who want to take money from others?

    America is not progressing towards Odumbo's "social justice", but rather "SOCIAL GREED"!
  3. this is nonsense. everybody pays taxes.

    what is being proposed right now in the senate is a surcharge of 5% on incomes over a million. so if you earn a million or less no change. if you earn 1100000 you would pay 5000 per year more. you only pay the surcharge on amounts over a million. not the first million. do you really think someone making over a million a year will even notice 5k more in taxes?
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    INCOME taxes? Please, do tell.
  5. JamesL


    It seems we have returned to the era of governing by polls. Only difference is Owebama is no Clinton.
  6. in a true democracy. one man one vote. wouldnt you be governing by polls?
  7. Crispy


    Bullshit. Not everybody pays income taxes in the USA. Less than half do.

    I cant even comprehend why you think somebody would not care about having the extra 5k in pocket.
  8. 377OHMS


    Do you think that 1% of the population paying an addition $5k makes any impact on our debt?

    Obama/Reid won't even allow a vote on it because they don't want it either. They're using the proposition of raising taxes on the rich as a campaign issue, a manufactured campaign issue, not something they really seek to see implemented. They would rather be able to say that republicans support the rich. It is the whole childish point of this regime exercize. They seek to distract the public from their failure to lead.
  9. everyone pays taxes and most pay income tax. not only that everyone pays exactly the same tax at the bracket.

    my health insurance went up the other day. its the cost of doing business in a free society.
    i think most thinking people would be more than happy to have to pay that 5k. it means thay made a hell of a lot of money last year. besides why are you complaining. i doubt you would ever reach the level where you would have to pay it.
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    Personal attacks huh? Such a free thinker you are.

    Guess I will need to spend another 10 years, 3.5 posts day here before I can even talk about getting to the 1mm mark.
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