So Refco prop traders no longer use XTrader?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by gotmessner, May 19, 2005.

  1. Hey,

    Can anyone confirm the title?

    What software do they use now?

    Is there any software that can compete with XTrader?

  2. It's RefcoPro trader.

    I have used X_Trader and RefcoPro, both.
    In my opinion, RefcoPro has a solid network and very fast lightweight frontend software. It's easier to get started for trading than X_Trader, and the reason is the login/exchange/server management is sophisticatedly done.
  3. Hmm looks very similar to Xtrader.

    The reason I ask this is that in Sydney we only really have two prop trading firms.

    Transmarket and Refco.

    I'm hoping to go work at Refco because they're more focused on directional trading (TMG is more into spreads).

    Can anyone tell me:

    If I'm trading Eurex products with Refco Pro - am I at any disadvantage to someone using Xtrader.

    If yes, then what are the disdvantages?
  4. Yes, and the similarity of MDTrader@X_Trader and Ladder OrderWindow@RefcoPro is the source of the patent war that I've heard.

    Actually, spread or something is more customizable in detail at X_Trader I feel, and probably no disadvantage using RefcoPro for Eurex.
    Plus if someone is doing multiple market, RefcoPro is way too easier and cheaper. There is no IP/TT member - multi server/exchange login issue does' t exist @ RefcoPro. You simply login in a single username. It's like IB TWS.
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