So rate cut is guaranteed

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  1. According to this headline

    Kohn: Can't hold economy hostage to teach speculators lesson

    I guess it might be even 50 bp
  2. Seems he's at odds against yesterday's two Fed speakers.
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    And maybe you shouldn't destroy the currency and F*UCK ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS so that reckless, leveraged speculators don't have to take their lumps.

    And what's this "economy hostage" BS... are they not droning on about how the "GDP is about 4% and inflation is 2%"? Sounds perfect. Nirvana. What's the problem? Or, are they LYING about that, too? Can't have it both ways, you know.
  4. Exactly. Is anyone pointing out this little incongruity to them? And if so, what could their ostensive response possibly be?
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    I think they're counting on most American's not understanding the deal, so they can get away with just about anything.
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  7. Amen!
  8. Relax guys; all these neo-conservatives are not innovative thinkers; sooner than later; these bond yield will go much higher; or the Taxes; War economy is near its end.
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    Oh yeah, higher rates and higher taxes WOULD make everyone better off... .NOT!
  10. ironic of him to use a hostage metaphor. the hostage taker is our debt based monetary system that contantly requires increasing debt to continue functioning
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