So Porter is a wife beater and Hicks is dating him?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Here4money, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. Here4money


    Looks like we got us a Captain save a ho. I'm sure she'll blow you for being a White Knight.
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  2. hehehe. the lefties all have high standards today.

    You guys are all just like Bill Clinton and would fuck a snake if someone held it by the ears.

    How long you think it would take bubba to be over there sniffing her bicycle seat?
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  3. #WorseThanBush
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  4. Birds of a feather.
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  5. DTB2


    That's OK, thanks. I'll leave the crumbs for you, I'm happily married for 35 years.
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  6. RRY16


    I’m sure your husband would agree.
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  7. UsualName


    Yeah, so the reporting is there are dozens of staffers who did not pass the fbi security clearance and flying around DC and the world in high power positions with big liabilities hanging around their neck like a golden beacon for foreign agents to find and blackmail them with.

    Nice job, General Kelly.
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  8. DTB2


    Aw, douche bag say what?
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