So ole Honest Abe was queer and wanted to deport all the blacks

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  1. Saw all of this on the history channel last night. Who knew that the great emancipator wanted to ship all the blacks to central america.

    Maybe if he hadn't been queer he would have stayed out of the theatres and not have gotten shot.
  2. What is to be gained by labeling Lincoln a homo?

    If a openly gay man had sex with a woman (just once in his life) is the gay guy labeled a hetero?
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    Honest Abe liked to putt from the rough?

    I don't believe it.
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    I was aware of that. He also made a statement about Negroes being inferior and the two races should be kept separate. Many just don't want to believe it though.
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    I do remember that he said he would "free the slaves if it preserved the Union" and that he would "not free the slaves if it preserved the Union". It was clear he just wanted to keep the United States intact regardless of the means so I think that what you are saying is possible.
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    And that in a nut shell is the reason for the civil war. Lincoln and company forcing the Confederacy back into the union at ANY cost. He as many other northerners didn't give two shits about the slaves, they just wanted the union restored. No succession, no war.
  7. By far the worst President and dictator we've ever had.

    All the problems posed by big brother Imperial federal govt and loss of personal freedoms can be traced back to him. Socialism/communism cannot function without unlimited powers of the state. The civil war was about rescinding the American Revolution and substituting the Divine right of kings with the divine right of Centralized gubbermint.
  8. Hell no. He had a plan to ship them to what is now Costa Rica. Similar to what they did when they shipped a bunch back home to Africa and created what is now Liberia.
  9. I thought Obama was the first queer in the White House. History channel is great.
  10. Well that was the plan until he was quoted the price for shipping.
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