So Now That Refco is Gone . . .?

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  1. Where is the best place to trade the usd:eur and usd:yen?

    I was with Refco for over a year and only had problems once, and that was with my password. . .it was their fault.

    Anyway, I here that FXCM has execution orders etc., I don't want to deal with that.

    I need a reliable name, preferably something like RefcoFX used to be.
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    Yeah Oanda. Also Interactive brokers. It doesn't really get any better than those two.
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  5. Are you sure your only Refco problem was your password? When was the last time you tried to access your RefcoFX funds?

    Your reply in the" FXCM Is Buying RefcoFX - Deal is Done - Funds are safe" thread suggests that you don't know that your RefcoFX funds are still frozen.
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    Definately Oanda.

  7. I was trying to convey the idea that I had only 1 problem with Refco when they were still up and running, before the whole bankruptcy.

    I found Refco to be very reliable as far as order execution, acessing the serving, the whole platform worked well.

    I'm not looking forward to using another company.

  8. It looks like the leverage is only 50:1 to one over there.
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    Interactive Brokers......
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    IB if you need a good leverage. But Oanda is better for me. A year ago I looked for 200+ leverage only, but now 50 is even higher than I need :)
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