So now Soros doesn't like regulations?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Maverick74, Jul 26, 2011.

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    Soros is a narcissist who is causing major damage in the US...he needs to be muzzled, or maybe swimming with da fishes.
  3. Get a clue. Almost all of the money currently under management is his own and that of his family and foundation. It's a cost-benefit thing. With your grasping at straws all day long, I can understand your affinity to strawmen.
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    People who have a foot in the grave or feel father time breathing down their back don't care what they push because they won't be around to see the effects of their actions (Soros is 81). Case in point: Robert Byrd being wheeled onto the Senate floor to cast the deciding vote for Obamacare which doesn't fully go into effect until 2014. Then he dies 3 months later. (Or to be fair, any vote cast by Strom Thurmand throughout the 90s)

    This is a false protest by Soros.
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    Who wouldn't do the same thing if he/she was in Soro's family shoes. When you have that much money and power, why would you openly admit to more government bureaucracy unless absolutely necessary.
  6. He is 80. Cut him some slack
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    I think you mean cut up his meat for him into smaller pieces.
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    There is no protest here. No inconsistency. Just a very wise decision on the part of Soros and his family.

    You do him a great injustice to suggest that because he is in his waning years he is not that interested in the effects his actions may have on others. The truth of his life suggests just the opposite. I also think you did Robert Byrd a disservice, and as for Thurman, he was quite obviously senile toward the end and not accountable for his actions, though, of course, others were, including his South Carolina constituents.

    Soros, so far as I am aware, has always maintained that markets needed regulation, but good regulation, as he has put it. He is a complex individual -- one of the most generous contributors to democratic and charitable causes the world has ever known.

    The world would be a far better place for all of us if there were more George Soroses.
  9. Soros is a hypocrite ass, half of everything he has preached has been the opposite of his actions. Always preached higher income taxes for others but made sure his fund Quantum(based in Netherlands Antilles) paid no taxes at all. Mr wannabee robin hood is nearing his end of days....good riddance !!
  10. when a person gives huge funding to a website who's sole mission is to take down fox news, you have to question their sanity. That's just so far out there, its absurd. You want to give a million dollars away? Why not go feed some poor kids you jackass. :D
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