So, New Holy Grail System?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by vlad79, Jan 8, 2003.

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    Hi, guys!
    I heard from one of my friends about a trading system. And he traded this system based on alerts from someone living in NYC.
    This system goes short only. The alert to short was sending to my friend from that person and then my friend needed to follow the rules:
    1. Stop loss - 1pt from entry price.
    2. If you have +0.5 pts and market went against you (up) then you exit at your entry price.
    3. If you have +0.75 pts and market went against you then you exit with +0.25 profit etc. until you cover +0.5 from local low.
    The friend told me that this alerts were very profitable.
    So can anybody tell anything about this type of trading or about sources generating these alerts.
    Good trading to all!
  2. How about a system like this:

    If time>930 then begin

    If dog barks then SELL;
    If cat meows then ExitShort;

    Probably better than above system.
  3. Yeah, I have seen a few Holy Grails. LOL.

    The scary part is the guy calls from NYC.

    "Hey this is Vito" "Sell short ___ Now!

    "if yuse don't - yuse brains will be on your Monitor"

  4. Daal


    nice thread
  5. If you'se don't wanna you'se dis system, youkan fuggedaboutit!
  6. Mr (insert last name here)...if you recall the last time we spoke, I told you I would be getting back to you with my next major(speak emphatically) recomendation....grab a pen , your gonna want to jot this down (insert ticker here)..its trades on the (insert exchange here)..currently trading at (insert last price here) on and so forth.........