So my custom machine blew up today

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  1. Well my custom machine went morbidly ill today. After having my computers built for me custom for 10 years I think I am going to go and buy one out of the box. I am looking for recommendations on companies that you have used that can build a machine for a veteran trader. My needs are 8 monitors support, quad processor, atleast 4Gb of ram and I was thinking of maybe trying that liquid cooling gig. If you have a reco please post it here. I don't want any ordinary machine, but something that has the trader in mind and is in that business. I have been thinking that the following might work.

    digital tigers
    custom alienware

    I don't really have a budget but I would like to keep it under 5k. Please dont reply if you do not have a serious answer. I have 2 weeks to get the machine here while I am on vacation.
  2. Well, your two week timetable threw me off.
    I waited three weeks for my Trading Computers F51X.
    This box is everything they say it is and more.
    Totally stable. Totally reliable and makes greased lightning jealous.
    I run 80 charts plus execution and Level 1.
    The Falcon never misses a beat. CPU usage might make it
    to 6% on volume spikes. It can trade standing on it's head
    with one hand tied behind it's back. Water cooled, yes.
    If you've got the bucks, this is your baby.
  3. You can build the same machines Trading Computers sells for less than 1/2!

    I kid you not.
  4. see that is the thing, I don't want to build anymore machines. I do not mind spending the extra money to get something reliable and worth the money. any other suggestions out there?
  5. Agree. I got the F22 from TradingComputers. It can munch through anything. Support is good, too. They're there on Saturdays
  6. I agree with you 100%. The work involved with building and maintaining your computer is at the least very distracting, and at worse a completely different skill-set.

    You obviously don't want to spend hourse trouble-shooting system problems, or searching the web for the latest parts/fix/updates.

    1) digital tigers is way overpriced for what a trader requires out of their system, and

    2) Alienware is a purely gaming oriented sytem, I don't recommend it for traders.
    Here's the link to Falcon Trading Computers. Considering the price point that you listed, they are very reasonable, know exactly what you want, and will have no problem building to spec and bringing your system in on budget.

    Falcon Trading Computers

    P.S. I went bare bones and did a lot of the work myself with my latest trading rig (like the do-it-yourselfers on the board recommend) ...and believe me, I'll never do it again. :D
  7. Dell Precision Line.. T3400 and up. Can have up to dual processor, quad core Xeons... whatever you want. Save $Thousands over

    Dell tech support for Precision is excellent.
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    Dell is crap
  9. I've had Dell for about 10 years. Couldn't disagree more.

    What do you think is crap about them?
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    the Dell you had was 10 years ago, you can't use that to compare with the Dell today
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