So much for that "Change of tone"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Stox 69, May 20, 2011.

  1. Stox 69

    Stox 69

    This has to be the most disgusting attack ad i have ever seen, the same people who cried about Sarah Palin and the death panels have now created an ad of Paul Ryan actually throwing a struggling old lady off a cliff, in order to attack Jane Corwin.

    Via the Weekly Standard, we’ve joked about this sort of liberal messaging before but I honestly didn’t think we’d see it. Surely, after years and years of leftist whinging about “the politics of fear,” they wouldn’t resort to imagery of Republicans actually killing frail old ladies.
    And yet here we are.
    Philip Klein, who’s more in touch with economic reality than the authors of this spot, wonders when we’ll see an ad showing granny pushing kids off a cliff as an homage to the unsustainability of Boomer-heavy Medicare rolls. Would that ad be accurate, though? Young adults are famously pro-Obama; they’re inviting their own fleecing by supporting the guardian of an outdated, fiscally ruinous entitlement system. An ad that’s truer to life would have them tossing money at granny and then diving headfirst off the cliff voluntarily.

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  2. It's all they have to offer. Scare tactics.

    Sucks to be them.
  3. Stox 69

    Stox 69


    Maybe in 2012 we can take this to a whole new level, Republicans should make a video in 2012 depicting a tax payer being raped by someone who looks exactly like Obama.

  4. BSAM


    Pfffft...Like the Republicans don't employ scare tactics???

    Open your minds...All these thugs only care about their own asses.

    Never vote for a Republican. Never vote for a Democrat.