So Much for Republican Fiscal restraint

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  1. Bush's Record $3.1 Trillion Budget Would Bring Big Increase for Military -- and Federal Deficit

    The country is starting to resemble Mexico or Argentina
  2. Yeah... I'm sure Bush will be surprised to learn how the public views his "legacy".. (Well, I mean he would be surprised... IF HE GAVE A SHIT!)
  3. None of these guys seem to care so long as they don't have to foot the bill.

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    Stop your bitching! GWB came out this morning and said they'd been working..working hard to get this new budget to congress. And its all on a laptop, no paper at all, so its the FIRST GREEN BUDGET and we didn't have to cut down any trees for it. Get your damn priorities straight man!!!!! :D
  5. Can you imagine a day when we have a balance budget, one that doesn't steal from SS to balance the fed budget?:confused:

    Ok I am sorry I must have been watching re-runs of Field of Dreams. :p

    That's one of things I really like about Colorado. If government wants to spend money the state doesn't have they have to go to ballot and ask the ppl. for permission. Maybe Gnome can chime in and correct me if I am wrong? But I am pretty sure I have this correct.

    As much as I didn't agree with everything Ron Paul says, he would have been a good change. It's time like these I believe we need a complete overhaul of government. With a 2 party system we will never get the real change we need. Where is Ross Perot when we need him. J/K :p
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    Watch Bush kill any chance McCain has for election. President Obama, get used to the sound of it.
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    Instant Run-Off Voting would be a good way to get more third party candidate options and, therefore, more options.

    For the record, I love the sound of President Obama.
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    Democrats attacked Bush's final spending plan as a continuation of this administration's failed policies which wiped out a projected 10-year surplus of $5.6 trillion and replaced it with a record buildup in debt.
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    Winners will be Defense by $35B for 2009, Homeland Security by 11% and FDA by $2.4B.

    Losers will Medicare and Medicaid by $200B over next 5 years, Education Budget freeze and Freeze on Domestic programs.

    GWB is bent on hurting US from inside...sad....sad....sad!
  10. That will be GREAT for my waistline.... doubt I'll be able to keep food down.
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