So much for Global Warming

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    A hint of what the upcoming report contains:

    “I am a skeptic…Global warming has become a new religion.” - Nobel Prize Winner for Physics, Ivar Giaever.

    “Since I am no longer affiliated with any organization nor receiving any funding, I can speak quite frankly….As a scientist I remain skeptical.” - Atmospheric Scientist Dr. Joanne Simpson, the first woman in the world to receive a PhD in meteorology and formerly of NASA who has authored more than 190 studies and has been called “among the most preeminent scientists of the last 100 years.”

    Warming fears are the “worst scientific scandal in the history…When people come to know what the truth is, they will feel deceived by science and scientists.” - UN IPCC Japanese Scientist Dr. Kiminori Itoh, an award-winning PhD environmental physical chemist.

    “The IPCC has actually become a closed circuit; it doesn’t listen to others. It doesn’t have open minds… I am really amazed that the Nobel Peace Prize has been given on scientifically incorrect conclusions by people who are not geologists,” - Indian geologist Dr. Arun D. Ahluwalia at Punjab University and a board member of the UN-supported International Year of the Planet."
  2. There is global warming, but it has little to do with CO2. The masses are not ready to find out the real reason.

    It is a movement that has long term goals which are pretty scary. At the same time, there is a lot of good & proper tasks built into the agenda.

    The key is not to be polarized on the topic.
  3. Man, "new religion" is right.

    I can't say if I believe global warming is caused by human activity or not. I'm trained as a scientist and that's made me a natural skeptic about most everything.

    When I expressed doubts about the science behind this to one of my (almost former) friends he got all pissy with me. Said I was "one of them". I didn't say I didn't believe, only that I didn't know. I pointed out that it was rather arrogant to think that we have climate processes all figured out. We of course do not, but once you drink the kool-aid you stop listening to dissenting viewpoints.
  4. Icecaps are melting from a warmer ocean....caused by fractures in the earth's crust in the north-atlantic(i.e. underwater volcanos). Yes, that's right kiddies: when you put an ice cube in a cup of hot coffee it melts.

    All the greenhouse gas nuts are just that - nuts. I'm all for alternative energy for the innovation it will bring, but I don't buy into this al gore school of crapenomics.
  5. It is via human activity by a very large percentage. A little bit from the sun heating up as well.
  6. Wow, I never knew that underwater volcanic activity did not exist before the past 50 years or so.
  7. As I said, I don't know one way or the other.

    You've chosen to believe that it's mainly human activity and I'm inclined to agree to some extent. I'm simply keeping an open mind. I'm willing to admit that humans, even the smartest ones, don't have all the answers.
  8. It's good to keep an open mind, but you have to think outside the box. Don't stay in a shell, research motives, agendas and especially the money behind it all.
  9. And I thought the heat was all coming from Joe Biden speeches and Dick Cheney shotgun shells.....
  10. How the hell did you get that from my statement? I said nothing about them existing, not existing, or coming into existence.

    There is a ridge in the north-atlantic that in the last 10 years has cracked open(more) significantly, which is causing the water to rise(significantly) in temperature in that region. The currents then carry the warmed water up and melt the glaciers. Does this rock your world?

    edit: I found the name. "Lomonosov Ridge".

    The whole point of this is don't let the zealots influence you. See what a bit of research by scientists that aren't after new funding garners?
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