So many things have happened in the last few days it is hard to keep up.

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  1. I don't know about anyone else but some many things have happened over the last few days it is hard to keep up. Most of it hasn't even been reported. There was the Obama "plan" then the supposed Qualitative Easing of Operation Twist. Then it was the deepening of the Greek Crisis. Then it was Italy's downgrade. Have I missed anything out?

    It is hard to keep up.
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    Whenever I see Christine Lagarde's perma-orange face I feel bearish. A socialist version of Margaret Thatcher cannot be bullish for stocks.
  3. yeah, a man got framed for murder and executed

    also, I saw on tv, I think Obama is trying to sell a bridge in Ohio to buy health care or something

    the government is going to shut down so make sure you have plenty of postage stamps

    many elderly people with savings accounts outperformed hedge funds due to rallying dollar, and they don't even pay capital gains tax on their profits!

    And according to msnbc, the republicans have still not produced any legislation to create jobs, so look for the unemployment numbers to remain high. Thanks republicans
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    On a more serious note, some of the Asian currencies have taken a beating in recent days.

    I think the sharp move in the Swissy really brought home the risk of holding longs in overvalued currencies and now you look at BRL, KRW, AUD and SGD and they have also turned sharply lower.

    The big elephant that we all like to ignore of course is China. What if their economy starts to implode?

    News wise, I agree there is a lot to follow, but I think the moves are mostly sentiment driven, selling after FOMC begets selling etc..

    How do you develerage decades of debt painlessly?

    These markets are jittery!
  5. well, no currency can go down unless some other currency goes up.
  6. it's a textbook short. 9500 by Thanksgiving.
  7. yeah, but what's that other currency really worth?
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    In gold ounces, about 1/7th of what it was worth a decade or so...
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