So many thick beefy chicks......

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  1. Geez I was out shopping around where I live (Philadelphia area) and it was sooooo depressing for me to look around and see the caliber of girls in this area.

    Where are the dazzling beauties like Audrey Hepburn living at??
  2. Forest Lawn. She's been dead a while now. Hasn't put on a pound, though.
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    I've noticed this too. It seems to be the trend now. Women just don't seem to care about they're weight anymore.

    Some women I've seen lately are as big as a linebacker for any professional football team.

    You travel over to some foreign country most of the women are usually in decent shape.
  4. Going back a few years I read a few studies re economic status vs weight, low income = overwieght. Also, women used to smoke to avoid weight gain.

    Of course both of these are politically incorrect. Smoking isn't healthy but over eating, obesity, knee replacements and a disability checks because you are too fat to work is good for the economy and hasn't the stigma of smoking.

    I'm more concerned about second hand fat. Second hand fat is the obese person blocking the fire exit, falling down in an airplane aisle, plugging toilets, herniated discs trying to get them in an ambulance, that sort of thing.
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