So many pretenders on ET

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  1. Now that I'm seriously browsing through these boards for some helpful info, I'm seeing more and more BS posts.

    Some of these posters get busted for lying in public on these boards, but I wonder how many actually lie about their overall performance as a daytrader.

    And why "beef up"?

    Is that an ego thing?

    Competitive nature?

    If you lie here, I'm guessing that you lie in real life also to your family & friends?
  2. its true.

    but there's also a simple fix: don't pay attention to the BS.

    the "ignore" can be your best friend in this scenario, because odds are it won't ever go away...
  3. Only on ET is where everyone is a 9 figure hedge fund manager.
    It is easy to catch the liars because they eventually slip up. I think these kinds are the ones who failed at trading so now they live vicariously as hedge fund traders in their fantasy world.
  4. It is better to be a fake WINNING TRADER than a real LOSING TRADER...
  5. I'm sorry, folks. I didn't want to sound too negative.

    There are some fantastic people here who genuinely love what they are doing and are successful.

    It's just that with all these "pumped up" performances, it just paints a bad picture for honest, REAL daytraders.
  6. quite possibly the dumbest thing i've ever heard on ET
  7. Why??... well most likely we'll never get there.. might as well think we are.
  8. what are u referrin' to, the pnl thread?
  9. some people actually find confidence in what others believe of them whether true or not, there no doubt decent people,, just not believable,, i dont look down on them , i see that as unfortunate that there not happy with who they are,, however in the same note, i dont look up to anyone on this site,, but whether true or not, if a post can aid you in your journey, or give an insight into an area your studying,, sometimes a lie may hold some truth.
  10. "It is better to be a fake WINNING TRADER than a real LOSING TRADER..."


    I think this is the type of mentality that also kills many daytraders.

    For example, if a position they enter is wrong and is going against them, instead of simply sticking to the rule and exiting, they hold on to it while the loss accumulates. Why? Because there is no way in the hell that they made a mistake and that stock will come back!

    Lying to others but more importantly to themselves is one of the worst traits of successful daytrader.
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