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  1. If you're going to author a thread or post a trade then post a trade that is marketable, or a limit order price. So many complete BS stock and journal threads where clowns take credit for fictional positions.

    This is one of thousands. It's unremarkable, other than it's recent and the OP took 30% in heat and somehow claimed victory, yet never posted a price.

    Time and price. Blotters are good, but can be manipped. I just don't understand why people who seemingly have so much to prove cannot provide one iota of proof.

    Post a trade that is marketable. TIME and PRICE. If not, then the post/thread/journal should be in chit-chat or deleted.
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    As someone who was attacked by you yesterday I will say your request is not necesarily unreasonable. I am not into posting my trade sheets, account stuff, whatever as i worry I will forget to wipe something off the screen(ie acct number) before I post. I traded what I said yesterday and was based on what I said, but I do appreciate the skepticism, and if I review my posts, I have probably posted the same questions.
    The other side and I have seen it here when someone does post their trades from their statements, is people still call it bs and the poster doctored the statement.
    In the future I guess I will hold off saying what I was looking at and trading, as I wasted too much time(as I am now). I posted the option and what I did, and why I traded APPL as opposed to the instrument I was watching for cues. I didn't claim I made millions or even thousands.
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    So what happens if you post your account number?

    I've posted it so many times I lost my count. Nothing happened.
  4. I'm not asking for anyone to post their statements. How difficult is it to post an entry that is marketable? If you're going to author a thread then there is an assumption that a trade could have been replicated by the readership.
  5. Why does it even matter ?

    Focus on making your nut instead of what some anonymous assclown is posting
  6. Because this forum is 70% complete bullshit.
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    Sorry if you have posted your account number and are not concerned. I guess I am way too paranoid.
    I did say which option I traded. I did not post while in the trades, as I was in the trades. I can give you prices, but what differences does a price make after the fact? Anyone can come up with a price, including me, I do get that. I filled in 3 lots on entry on my first trade. 2-4-2, and filled on 2 going out, 4 and 4. The next trade filled on entry with 2 fills 4 and 4 and all out on the close, one fill.
    There is a reason to question everything posted, and I do get that. I, like most don't like being attacked, and I reacted. I never said anyone was stupid, which was implied. I simply posted what I did, and feel free to take it or leave it. I wasn't interested in max volatility of the news, but saw opportunity based on past observations and that is all I said I traded. It is my observation and the opportunity I have seen time and again, and that was my point.
  8. So stop wasting your time reading it.

    Life's way to short to spend it on this message board fighting pointless battles
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    Odlly enough I spent time today on Atticus Urinals. Where are the actual statements? As opposed to claiming where you are filled? How funny and makes my point. Piss off loser.
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    Post a picture of the fills. Why not? A little time researching is more than enough fun.
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