so many n00bs who want to

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  1. make a living trading it is laughable

    they have the super expensive software, the super expensive feed,s subscriptions of publications, CNBC on the air, three 20' monitors, big leverage and STILL manage to lose lots of money. Then they post their strategies and complaints about how 'the market keeps goign up' or 'not enough/too much volatility' on elite trader.

    Then they try to use mini's and ET and spx. Trade for a tick..slippage erases all gains. 10K doWN THE DRAIN. The fed isn't bearish enough. have to cover at a loss. Lose more money.

    That seems to be the pattern around here,.
  2. Lately, the gods have been rewarding the patient; assuming they're long.
  3. Spoken like a mom & pop investor...........afraid to lose so he knocks what he fears & does`nt understand.

    it`s a good thing that you`ve never traded because you would have failed miserably.....much too concerned with being right.

    i give credit to those whom have tried & failed vs. someone whom has never had the stones to step up to the plate,such as the thread starter.
  4. Well said Spooz!

  5. I am a trader though. But I am a longer term trader. I will complete my trade later this year when I sell my holding for a huge profit.
  6. whatever.
  7. You are a gambler, pure and simple. You have just been fortunate to have been proven right so far. I applaud you for making some money but I am really curious to see how you'll respond when the mkt really tests you. When push comes to shove, I'm sure you'll rationalize some way to go down with the ship over exercising proper money management. A real trader remains flexible and responsive, he isnt 100% blind to one side like you are. Time will tell mr investor.

  8. I think you're the tenth person who has warned me of a potential market selloff.

    I invest in the present, and while there is always a possibility that a market crash will decimate my account, the odds are historically in my favor. the last big recent selloffs were in 2000-02 and 1990-91.

    Could the markets correct 10%? happened in summer 06 and in 2004.

    But a lot of people have been predicting even larger selloffs and even bear markets but that simply is very improbable. The 87' selloff was a break event and the 2000 bear market was cause by absurdly high valuations mainly in the tech sector.
  9. This from the shitty little shithead who has made a career out of being worth $110k. How the fuck do you survive? Cearly you live with your parents, but where is your night job? $110k wouldn't last any person with a decent life for more than 2 years and it's all you've

    How old are you?

    Do you live with your parents?

    How much does your nightjob pay?

    What city is your trailer park in?

    Do you wear a helmet to protect your fragile pea-brain?

    :D :confused:
  10. How do you earn an income? If your net worth is just over $100k and you almost never sell stocks, I really would like to know how you manage to pay rent, eat, pay for insurance, etc.?

    Come on stock_turder, explain how you can sustain a living off of $100k without a day job? :p
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