so many Hedge Funds in Connecticut

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  1. Why there are so many Hedge Funds in Connecticut? Much less in long island or NJ.
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    CT is the richest state in the US and has more millionaires per capita. Greenwich, CT is home so several former CEOs, Self Made Richies and Old Old Money houses. You get one client, that's good for 5 referalls in a year, if your fund performs better than the average.
  3. count me in, baby!
  4. There are also many rich guys and CEO in CA. But there are still not much HF in California even for the fine weather. Is HF still for the guys in the east only?
  5. high level academics and money, baby. just doesn't combine in the world of hugh hefner ( CA ).

    CT is were its AT.

  6. You have to get up pretty early in CA if you trade for a living, this might have something to do with it.
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    I bet most of their mail goes to The BVI and Grenada!
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    Probably tax/cost of living related;
    think NY,TX are the hedge fund king states:cool:
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    Can you mail me the yellow pages of that area I would like to start cold-calling ASAP. :p

    Any one here have a the web site to the DNC. I don't want to get fined. :cool: