So Long Firefox, It's Been Real

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    I'm finally done with this. After many years, the first few of which were a relief from IE, I'm finally done with this. By Friday, my computer had become so unraveled that I wasn't even able to access many of my program files, much less the system files. Rather than face a crash, I wound up reformatting the damn hard drive and starting again from scratch yesterday. Not as bad as I thought it would be, and I had forgotten just how fast this can be without that bloated browser.

    So, aloha Firefox. You were great at the beginning, but you've gone to the dark side, and I won't miss you in the least.


  2. Chrome is the way to go.
  3. I agree. I still have FF when I want to login to the same site with different profiles (like Google) but other than that, been using Chrome since it came out. Much better than the others.
  4. Yea, but every time they push a Chrome update, check boxes (radio buttons) in web sites disappear for a few weeks. ... or is it just me?
  5. I have never seent hat happen.
  6. Just this last week saw a tech article claiming, "Firefox is fastest and most secure browser".

    If true, how is it that Chrome is "much better"??

  7. How do you know that firefox was the cause of these problems ?
  8. The problem isn't with the browser, imo, it's with the sites that are loaded down with too many apps/trackers/video/etc etc

    This is what I've done to speed up Firefox:

    Blocksite - use this to block sites like and ooyala that make the browswer hang

    Adblock plus - use block filters Easylist, Malware, and Anti-Social

    quickjava - easy way to disable/enable flash, java, silverlight, etc etc. I usually keep these disabled as they slow everything down
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    Chrome is just as bad, maybe even worse. Old, old versions of Firefox seem to be the best.
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    Most likely it was a combination of things, considering that both Windows and Firefox are updating themselves every 20m. But it's been going on ever since FF starting overeating and became so bloated. Same thing with Adobe. And Windows, as far as that's concerned. But I've switched to Chrome and it's running perfectly so far. And incomparably faster (I could go make a sandwich and water the garden in the time it would take FF to load). There are a few things I prefer about FF, but it may be mostly a matter of getting used to this.

    But I went through a virus crash a few years ago and didn't want to go through that process again. Even though the problem wasn't a virus, it's much easier to fix the problem before a crash than after.
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