So long bear market...its over

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  1. So long bear market. Its time to get back long as the bear has finally ended.
  2. I can also vouch for the bear market being over. I sold off all of my long positions this afternoon after realizing an exceedingly hefty loss on them. Now that I'm out of the market, it's time for DOW 15,000.
  3. lol :p

    Wait until October you will thank your lucky stars....
  4. Not if the U.S. consumer has anything to say about it...
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    LOL, this is not the bottom. There is one more big wave waiting to happen.
  6. In a year I'll let y'all know what my prediction should have been.
  7. Cramer is ringing the dinner bell. Raise cash. Big move. You'd be a fool not to take some profits after today.
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    That was an awfully short bull market.
  10. I was gonna call the bottom, but now im waiting
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