SO lets hear some ideas... Where do you put your money?

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  1. Under a mattress?

    In the dollar? I dont think so

    gold? hmm maybe but probably not.

    Assets? nah

    Europe? double nah

    Where is the safe haven? Lets brainstorm and come up with some ideas.

    I bought some yen/dollar back at 90 but realy dont want to chase it.

    Maybe the pound sterling?

    That island looks alot like the other island east of china.

    well... what are your ideas?
  2. i think a mix of the pst (ultrashort 7-10 treasuries) and tbt (ultrashort 20+ year treasuries) is pretty intriguing for a longer term play. the risk seems pretty limited with all of the debt the u.s will need to issue and with rates being close to all time lows.
  3. majority of my money will be @ optionsxpress to be used for trading and the rest will be kept in a credit union account for day-to-day expenses.
  4. Pound has been great for the last few weeks and so has the dollar. Am staying out of gold. Will we see $1.90 corn and $30 oil; maybe. If so, then still some good shorts left...
  5. There's an ETF by Barclays that has all the currencies pegged to the dollar in it. Since most of them are strong currencies whose countries are holding them down, the idea is that the countries will want to cut them loose from the dollar if the dollar sinks. There isn't really downside, except that I guess Barclays could go under (don't know what would happen at that point). This ETF looks appealing to me.

    What about some farmland? I think it's still been appreciating lately. You could lease the land to a farmer to use, or make an agreement to share in his profits.

    You could hoard dried beans. They're supposedly good for up to 30 years :D (All kidding aside, do go ahead and get a year's worth of food together, just in case, it never hurts, you just rotate it out. And, people have a tendency to forget about things and think they're all better, and then *that's* when the storm hits. It's the things you don't see coming that you have to do your best to prepare for sometimes.)
  6. Where the hell do you store a year's worth of food? Especially in a 1-bedroom manhattan apartment?
  7. Some very interesting ideas.

    Very interesting idea about those etf's. BUT.... can you realy trust etf's? If you trust the etf's do you also have to trust who is backing them?
  8. Don't know where in a little apartment, but most of ours fits in a closet and extra water on shelves in the garage. We'd really rather make our way to my grandparents' 90-acres if we could in an emergency where food was scarce for a long time, but like I said, a rotating food supply doesn't hurt even if an emergency never comes. We have 20 extra gallons of gas in 5-gallon gas containers in case we had to drive to my grandparents' and for some reason gas wasn't available, we could put those in our trunk and we'd have enough to get there. The gas needs to be rotated out, too.

    I honestly don't care at all if I'm perceived as a bit whacko, because there's just no downside to having extra if you have a place to put it. It makes much more sense to me to do something with no downside than to worry about a silly status quo where you're perceived as a bit paranoid.

    If you're in a little apartment, I think if I were you, I'd just try to make sure you can get to somewhere where there are good friends or loved ones who are a little prepared in case of an emergency, that's probably good enough.
  9. First, you do not specify "Net Worth".

    Right now, Middle Class has very little choice.

    There are plenty of Hard Asset plays for those that have money and that are truly accredited Investors.

    Also, plenty of plays, XMSIRUS at .41 cents, or at least I grabed 1000 shares today in .40s.

    Oil is a great play,, all though you have to be able to take heat.

    Anything that will buffer and be a safe haven from Massive Inflation. For those who think that "Depressed Hard Asset Prices" are hear to stay are fooled, as they are by Obama.

    Anyone here who thinks that the BULL market will return in the next 5 years, well is a OBAMA Fan as well, likes to listen to bullshit.

    There are plenty of plays right now, IMHO, the market is going to have a violent upside move after the elections, or near. We look as if we are trying to find a short term bottom for now and we are heavy heavy oversold.

    Never the less, 6 months out we will have 18 to 22% inflation and hard assets will return to their move up.

    Recession is going to long and hard, unemployment will reach 10%, 1970s all over again.

    But plenty of opportunity to make money for those with money to risk..

    PS: OBAMA WIN will bring in 7000 on the INDU.
  10. By the end of November, 70% of my entire liquid net worth will be transitioned to "tangible assets" (property, aircraft, long term supplies, etc). The rest of my liquid net worth will remain in physical gold and funds in trading/checking/saving accounts.
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