So, Just When Was The Best US Economy?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Trader5287, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. 1776.

    You could smell the potential in the air.
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  2. Div_Arb


    My Grandmonther told me in the late 90's that things hadn't been this good since the 50's. Were the 50's as good as, or better than the 90's?
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  3. fusionz


    late 90s were the best, now is all right but inflation is a major problem.
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  4. This is the best economy ever.

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  5. The economy didn't really pick up until after the Revolution was over. NYC getting destroyed by the Brits and it's population dropping by about 2/3rds didn't help. And when the Brits approached Philly, many people fled for the hills.
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  6. the economy really isn't that bad.

    despite a devaluing dollar resulting from trade imbalances and out of control energy demand, we are in good times.

    employment is high; you can have a 37" flat LCD screen from costco for $800, and a loaf of bread costs $15.00. :)

    regardless of dollar devaluation (or commodity inflation, however you look at it), its a sign of growth and fight for precious nat. resources as a result of employment and real demand.

    a poor economy would have no jobs, no demand, and a strong currency much nobody would possess much of. The US stock market seems sickly merely because of money flows that got it to the point we're at. whats the intrinsic value of a stock market to Americans when baby boomers need to sell in retirement?

    you can't eat stocks... you can watch them - thats about it.

    So I say now is the best of times economically. And best of stock market times were 98-99.
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  7. On a different note, where would the US economy be right now if that stupid war in Iraq never happened?
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  8. that and Greenspan's free money policies? we'd be slumming, definitely.
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  9. billdick


    Are you Indian or Chinese?

    Yes there is fantastic growth, causing unprecedented demand for natural resources and workers in factories* - I.e. a great and expanding economy, only it is not in the USA.

    Your point about baby boomers switching from peak earning years (AND PAYING HIGH TAXES) to sellers, negative savers (less investment in modernization of facilities or higher cost in interest to do so) is well taken; but not the only drag on the US economy - For example, todays announcement of city group terminating 17,000 jobs (and moving 9,500 more to lower cost areas) is just the most recent in a long list of downward US "adjustment." Higher pay jobs being replaced by "MacJobs" does not help balance the budget. (Nor does outsourcing the jobs totally.)

    SUMMARY: Do not confuse the good economy in Asia with good US economy. Thread's question is about US economy.
    *Approximately 1.8 million leave the farms in India and China EACH MONTH to work in the cities!
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  10. The 50's were better than the 90's by a longshot.

    In the 50's, a middle class dad, could afford a home, a stay at home wife, 3-5 kids and two cars.

    The only guys who do that now are rich attorneys, doctors, ceo's, and other high paid professionals.
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