So, Just When Was The Best US Economy?

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  1. Looking at these FOMC minutes I don't see much to cheer.

    But has there been a better, healthier US economy in the past?

  2. In my lifetime (the past 4 decades) I'd say 84-87 and 95-99 were the two best.
  3. gnome


    From after WW II to about 1962.
  4. the economy is fine
  5. gnome


    The US economy is NOT healthy in the least... it's running on budget deficits, overextended consumer credit, and eventual currency debasement. The "health" you perceive will eventually lead to the bankruptcy of the middle class... that includes you, right? :(
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    Oh yeah... just as the farmer who has just eaten his fill of his own seed corn says, "my stomach is full. I feel good right now". Unfortunately, he's eating his future.
  7. "The economy is strong and getting stronger..."
  8. maxpi


    90% of people are going to get royally messed up when that unwinds. Then anarchy and there will be an emergency decree that anybody can take your property if they need it and you are above average in wealth, so even if you are wealthy you will lose. Cheers :)
  9. 95-99 is probably the best we'll ever see in our lifetime.
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    "95-99 is probably the best we'll ever see in our lifetime."

    I tend to agree, but technology may just give us another paradigm shifting invention like the Internet within our lifetime. If so you'll see the same type investment capital go to work.
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