So....Just How Is Obama Going To Reassure The Chinese....?

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    There is nothing that the Obama Admin.
    has done ....or has plans for....that will spur entrepreneurial growth in the fact ....just the opposite....

    One wonders when the Chinese will say enough is enough....
  2. The Chinese government must have been keeping a watchful eyes on dollar devaluation, but only to protect their investment. I do not think they want to do damage to U.S. as a sole purpose. They want U.S. well enough to keep buying goods from China.
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    The Chinese aren't stupid, they got off surprisingly easily from this recession if anyone is going to stop the U.S debt machine it will be them.

    I think it will be a simple case of the Chinese simply stopping lending completely and forcing them to pay back what they owe or Obama uses his magical powers of persuasion and negotiates another deal with them that they're happy with.
  4. How?

    Create thousands of high-paying "green" jobs in ineffective/unproven technologies...creating yet another bubble that only traders will profit from in a shorting frenzy. Get another 5 generations of future Americans into serious debt. Tax the productive to give to the looters/entitlement junkie/"yes we can!" idiots who love him and bankers with the right connections.

    Oh, you said "reassure," right?

    I can only think of one way: since the Chinese are heavily investing in gold and distrusting the Dollar more every day, he'll continue to encourage gold's price to skyrocket with his ineptitude.
  5. everytime the usdollare despreciates by 0.01% the chinese lose millions, sorry i mean BILLIONS. How would u be assured when u hold trillions of us debt?

    They won't be assured by anything the US tells them.
  6. the president is in love with himself and his words...he will talk his bs crap to ANYONE